Pinterest and Your Business

29 Aug 2013

Pinterest has grown rapidly since its inception in March 2010. Studies have shown that in 2012, American users of social network sites spent more time on Pinterest than on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter combined. How can businesses drive more traffic to their website by using Pinterest? 1. Create your own Pinterest boards and pin appealing […]


Positive Growth of SEO in 2013

21 Jul 2013

2013 has seen some remarkable growth in the amount of businesses that are proactively utilising the power of SEO to help increase their exposure across the web. Although some analysts predicted that SEO was a dying art and instead website owners needed to refocus on their human audience, webmasters have come to realise that without […]


Content marketing is current

12 Jun 2013

Despite recent concerns about biased online content masquerading as disinterested commentary, content marketing is very much alive and well in the online community. A recent infographic posted by Demand Metric suggests 90% of organisations use content to market products, on average spending more than a quarter of their budget on content. 78% of marketing chiefs […]


Things to do to Win at SEO

23 Apr 2013

The proper implementation of SEO in an online advertising campaign can ultimately determine the success or failure of a business. Therefore, let us examine four key points that can help guarantee continued marketing success. Create Relevant Content Content creation is the key to capturing the audience´s attention. It must be emphasised that this is more […]


Places on your landing page where people lose interest

16 Apr 2013

There is one golden rule of keeping people interested once they have reached your landing page: simplicity. Nothing else matters as much as that one word. Here are some tips on how to keep your landing page simple and in doing so, keep your visitors interested. 1) Headline and introduction Introducing your site needs three […]


Be Patient when it comes to SEO

15 Mar 2012

SEO, as in life, is not about quantity – it’s about quality. There are many things in life you can buy in bulk but you choose to buy the small quality item because you know you can trust it. Likewise with SEO a single quality link can be worth more than 150 non-quality links. One […]