Positive Growth of SEO in 2013

2013 has seen some remarkable growth in the amount of businesses that are proactively utilising the power of SEO to help increase their exposure across the web. Although some analysts predicted that SEO was a dying art and instead website owners needed to refocus on their human audience, webmasters have come to realise that without SEO, it is nearly impossible to attract this human audience to begin with.
One of the first factors is the fact that SEO specialists and website owners have become familiarised with the recent security updates such as Penguin. The most profitable agencies have now incorporated these updates into their methodologies and are able to streamline SEO practices. Additionally, a growing number of organisations are cognizant of the fact that a marketing strategy will achieve little success without the use of SEO. Thus, they are employing these templates readily into their systems. Finally, there are a greater number of SEO analytical tools to help gauge the success of a campaign in real-time, thus lending further functionality to this optimisation.
It is expected that SEO will therefore continue to grow into the foreseeable future.


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