Places on your landing page where people lose interest

There is one golden rule of keeping people interested once they have reached your landing page: simplicity. Nothing else matters as much as that one word. Here are some tips on how to keep your landing page simple and in doing so, keep your visitors interested.
1) Headline and introduction
Introducing your site needs three sentences maximum. Keep it entertaining but short. Facebook used to have two sentences. Google has none. Follow their lead.
2) Getting around
Navigating your site needs to be an easy experience. If people have to think once about navigation, you’re doing it wrong.
3) Ending your introduction
End by thanking the customer or client for visiting. This can be as simple as one sentence and is a great bottom-of-the-page finisher.
4) Make it personal
That means no meaningless filler, no corporate buzzwords and no wasted words. Treat the landing page viewer like a person. Often said and even more often ignored.
5) Brevity
All you need to do is state your message, your ethos, who you are, what you do and how you do it. Anything more than that is wasting the viewers time and losing their interest.
Make your landing page interesting, make it clear and above all keep it simple.


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