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The future of SEO: Top 6 SEO Trends That Will Impact Your Business in 2022

04 Feb 2022

Whether you want to build brand awareness or optimise your conversion rates, SEO is a process that takes time and commitment. As search engines tinker with their ranking factors, making changes to your site is essential to preserve your position amongst your competitors. Staying on top of updates and trends that prove effective is the […]


Site Migration & SEO: How To Do It

16 Aug 2021

If you are planning a site migration, either changing domain or possibly implementing HTTPS, there are a few things you need to consider. There is nothing more detrimental to a brand’s current performance, than a poorly executed site migration. What Is A Site Migration? Site migration is a term effectively coined by SEO experts, describing […]


How Google’s New MUM Algorithm Will Change Search

13 Aug 2021

Google’s new MUM (multitask unified model) algorithm is a true AI milestone when it comes to understanding hoards of information. It also has the world of search engine optimisation experts buzzing with how it will change the field and search in the years to come.  As usual, Google has not elaborated on what the new […]


Local SEO Services

18 Jun 2021

What is Local SEO? The interconnectivity of the internet has made it easy for businesses to cast as wide a net as possible, hoping to catch the attention of as many people worldwide as possible. While a theoretical audience of billions is incredibly appealing, it’s important to note that 46% of all Google Searches are […]


Link Building Basics: Why Search Engines Use Links

31 Jan 2019

  Marketing strategies aimed at driving traffic to particular sites are becoming ever more reliant on creating successful link building campaigns. Many strategists use content marketing to submit informative articles to a wide number of websites with the intention that the backlinks they contain are creating a network to increase brand awareness and generate a […]


Google Search Quality Guidelines Updated

06 Aug 2018

Google search quality guidelines allow raters to assign values to various search result pages. These guidelines have recently been updated, but they will not directly affect the ranking of specific web pages. Instead, they will allow Google to receive valuable feedback on how useful their search algorithm is. With this information, the search engine will […]


Why Should You Hire a PPC Specialist?

15 Jul 2018

In the world of digital marketing, there are typically two major players in attracting website traffic. They are SEO and PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. There are some pros and cons of PPC and SEO; in a perfect world, your company has to incorporate both into your strategy for online marketing. The process of SEO can sometimes […]


Maximising your Facebook Reach

15 Jun 2018

Many businesses have turned to social media marketing for their brands to get noticed. To be particular, Facebook offers target audience of different ages, making it more popular among all social media platforms. However, how to maximise Facebook reach is still a puzzle to most businesses. A huge number of Facebook reach for businesses means […]