Marketing your Law Firm Online

Engaging and attracting new leads for your law firm can be challenging and tedious without the right approach. If you’ve found yourself targeting the wrong audiences or failed to bring on new clients, it might be time for a new strategy. 

Marketing your law firm online offers several benefits that cater to various business objectives. With a well-defined and optimised strategy, you could generate online visibility, increase traffic to your website and improve the number of clients engaging with your services. 

The key to successfully marketing your law firm online is to be specific in the services and expertise that you offer. Define what it is that you want your potential clients to do. Work towards building a strong strategy that achieves this. Over time, you may find that your goals and tactics change depending on your firm’s needs. This is all part of maintaining a healthy and consistent online marketing plan.

Things to Consider Before you Start

Developing a consistent brand message

law firm branding

Before venturing into the depths of marketing your law firm online, it is essential to develop an understanding of your brand. And how you want to portray and promote your firm. If you choose to incorporate a multi-channel marketing approach, you’ll be engaging users across several platforms. To create clarity and consistency that clients can connect with, your brand message needs to be unanimous across your website and various social media platforms.

Your first goal should be to define your brand voice and understand what your clients are looking for. If you specialise within a certain legal practice, such as family law, your content and messaging should demonstrate this. Intertwine your experience and expertise throughout social media posts and website content. This will inform potential leads on who you are and what you do. Making their decisions simple when it comes to hiring you.

Set yourself SMART goals

law firm marketing goals

The key to measuring the success of your strategy for marketing your law firm is to define realistic and measurable goals. At the onset of your project, it is important to know what you are working towards. What is the purpose of your marketing strategy?

Goals need to be specific and attainable. Setting a goal such as ‘increasing traffic to the website’ won’t be useful when calculating your return on investment. Instead, be specific in your achievements. Set defined goals that have an endpoint. This might include, finalising 20 goal completions within one month, or increasing traffic to a certain webpage by 30% over the next 3 months.

Tracking particular metrics and key performance indicators will highlight your successes and let you know when something needs to change. Utilising data-based decisions for future adjustments to particular tactics offers the most efficient strategy for long-term success.  

Marketing Strategies 

Optimise your website for search engines and visitors 

law firm seo

With up to a third of online users utilising search engines to research and discover law firms, SEO is an essential component of any successful marketing strategy. Users need to be able to discover your website in order to engage with your content and hire your solicitors. By providing answers to their questions and generating trust and authority, you can build a relationship that eventually leads to achieving your goals.

Offering users a valuable and pleasant experience should be your aim when optimising your website. Don’t try to tailor your website to Google as this will be less effective. Instead, think about content that your clients would want to read. Additionally, remove pop-up ads and improve the navigation experience of your website to provide a better user experience. Acquiring backlinks will also be effective in generating authority and trustworthiness for your website. By focusing on essential elements such as these, search engines will reward you with higher rankings. Which will draw high-quality traffic to your website. 

Build a social media presence 

social media law

As legal practitioners, engaging with your audience through social media channels might be discouraging. To maintain the trust of your existing clients, it is vital to retain a professional reputation that reflects integrity. 

However, this can be maintained within your online presence. Whilst also taking advantage of the immense power that social media can offer within your strategy for marketing your law firm. Building a strong brand message that portrays the values of your legal firm allows for valuable connections with potential clients and professionals in your industry.  

Manage your online reviews

online reviews

Before committing to a solicitor, clients need to develop trust in your firm. One of the most common ways this occurs is through online reviews. As many as 74% of users have suggested that a positive review makes them more inclined to trust a business and utilise its services. 

Whilst there is significant importance for positive reviews, critical comments shouldn’t be treated too harshly. It is better to have plenty of reviews rather than just a couple of good ones. By formally addressing the comments and offering resolutions, your negative reviews will be overlooked in favour of those promoting your law firm and its integrity.

Develop an effective content marketing strategy

content marketing for law firms

Your potential leads are filled to the brim with questions and queries relating to legal processes and the services that you provide. Developing clear, concise and targeted content is an effective way to engage your audience and create brand recognition. 

As an increasingly popular form of media, users are engaging with more video-based content. Try integrating explanations of complex legal concepts to demonstrate that your firm is trustworthy and knowledgeable.

Encourage action 

how to get more clients law firm

After capturing the attention of your intended audience, it is important to direct them towards the information or action that suits their needs and achieves your goals. A clear and commanding call to action is what generates goal completions and improves your return on investment. Using colours, targeted messaging and bold visual elements will entice your leads to this vital moment. 

It is important to note that each individual that visits your website will likely be in a different stage of the buyer’s journey. By providing the correct level of nurturing you can become a brand of recognition as they evolve throughout the decision-making process.

During the awareness phase, your potential leads haven’t quite recognised their need for a particular legal service. They might be aware of their issue, but unsure of the right path to take. To generate trust and nurture a relationship with this individual, offer expert insights with informative content on your website.

Users within the consideration stage may be searching online for different law firms and looking for a solicitor that is right for them. Now is the time to attract them to your brand. Offer a chat with an advisor to discuss their options. Or direct them to videos that explain effective legal solutions for their problems. 

Finally, individuals within the decision stage are those that are ready and willing to convert. They understand their problem and have lined up several options before making their decision. Grab their attention with a free consultation or a discounted service. 

Local SEO

With the overwhelming presence of search engines as sources of information, more and more users are turning to these online directories to locate the services and facilities they require. By providing relevant and reliable information about your business, search engines are able to provide the details of your law firm to interested users.

Customising your Google my Business profile is a valuable strategy that will enhance your local SEO efforts. Providing details such as the name, phone number and address of your firm provides information that Google wants to give to its users. From there, you can continue to develop your profile. With evidence that demonstrates the reliability and reputation of your law firm. Encouraging positive reviews and adding further details are great ways to optimise your profile. 

Tracking and Refining your Goals

After spending time and resources developing a detailed marketing strategy, you’ll want to know if your effort has generated success. A core component of running a successful online marketing strategy is tracking particular metrics in relation to your desired outcomes. Tools such as Google Analytics and various SEO software are useful for analysing website and user data. 

Reflecting on certain KPIs such as completed conversions, social media engagement or website traffic, you can make alterations to your marketing efforts and strategy. This is to redirect attention in a way that is most effective for your law firm.

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