How Video Marketing Is Revolutionising The Digital Marketing Landscape

Video marketing in 2022

The popularity of video marketing has flourished within the digital marketing industry over the past five years. Marketers have seen a rise in successfully promoting their products and educating their clients with video content since 2018.

Notably, during the past two years, marketers have seen their decisions swayed by the issues of the pandemic. Despite this, video marketing has remained consistent and successful across numerous online platforms. Into the early stages of 2022, marketing videos continue to expand across the digital marketing industry. More marketing professionals are committing to creating this form of content more than ever before.

Unlike many trends that come and go from the digital marketing industry, video marketing has made its mark on business owners and consumers. Its sustained popularity indicates that video content will continue to be an influential component of the consumer experience throughout the remainder of 2022. 


What does video marketing have to offer?

Positive return on investment (ROI)

Video content isn’t just a technique to build awareness of your brand and products. Marketers have found exponential growth through the distribution of video marketing. No matter what metric you use to determine success within your marketing strategy, effective video campaigns have been shown to improve website traffic as well as social media engagement, lead conversions and sales. 

Here are some more statistics that demonstrate the utility and benefits of video marketing: 

  • Compared to 33% of marketers in 2015, 87% now indicate that video content has a positive impact on their return on investment. (powerdigitalmarketing)
  • Video content expands your reach across social media, with 1200% more shares than other types of content. 
  • 86% of marketers have seen effective lead generation, thanks to their video marketing campaigns. (hubspot)

video marketing


Effective across multiple channels

Video marketing offers incentives for its use within landing pages, social media channels and search engine result pages.

  • Social media

In December 2021, the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, stated that the platform is shifting its focus. In his words, it is aiming to become more than ‘just a picture-sharing app.’ In 2022, emphasis is being placed on video content. 

Facebook has announced a similar change, along with the launch of Reels in 150 additional countries. Video is currently the platform’s fastest-growing content format. Creators who can evolve their social media strategy to integrate video marketing are far more likely to be rewarded with visibility and social engagement across both platforms.

video marketing


  • SEO

Embedding well-executed videos on your website will encourage like-minded users and industry experts to share your content, generating backlinks that will boost your SEO efforts. 

Capturing your target consumers’ attention with video is an effective way to increase their dwell time on your website. Websites with a video have 11.2% improvements in their bounce rate, compared to websites that don’t.

As part of Google’s mission to provide information in the most digestible way, videos that are well-structured and clearly explain a topic are frequently included within featured snippets or video carousels. This is a great way to generate awareness and drive traffic to your website.

video marketing

Utility across all stages of the sales funnel

  • Awareness

There are various types of video formats that build brand awareness and loyalty. Short-from video is facing a significant rise in engagement and shares across social media. 

Demonstrating the human element within your company or capturing your audience’s attention with entertaining content is currently one of the best ways to generate interest and curiosity surrounding your brand.

  • Consideration

Video marketing offers more than just brand recognition and awareness. Consumers are now using video to help them make decisions about the types of products or services they should purchase, and the businesses that they should buy them from. 

Rather than reading product descriptions on a website, 72% of consumers would rather watch a video explaining a product. Furthermore, 50% of consumers will actively seek out videos before visiting a website to make their purchase. (backlinko)

  • Conversion

90% of consumers have agreed that videos are highly influential during their purchase decisions. Comparing the product page for your business and that of your competitor, a well-produced video that clearly explains the product could be the tipping point in their decision to purchase. 

Companies that use video content within their marketing materials experience 86% higher conversion rates. These statistics overwhelmingly indicate that there is a necessity for video content to become an essential component of every business’s digital marketing strategy. 

  • Brand Advocacy

The relationship that has been developed between a customer and brand continues to provide value after a purchase is complete. Maintaining interest from customers who will continue to share your content and engage with your brand will extend value over time.

Build loyalty with your customers by demonstrating the value of your brand, even after a purchase. Consider replacing generic ‘thank you for your purchase’ emails with a video of tips and tricks to get the most out of their purchased item. Personalised and relevant content will continue to provide utility for your brand, encouraging future engagement and purchases.

Opportunity for your business

With the majority of marketing experts and consumers engaging with video marketing, it is evident that if you’re not using it, you’re losing opportunities for your business. 79% of marketers who are yet to implement video marketing across their campaigns, expect to start using it at some point during 2022.

With a generous increase of businesses utilising video content, there is bound to be additional noise across the web. Throughout the remainder of 2022, increased competition is likely going to attempt to benefit from the utility of video marketing.

Concerns of oversaturation will of course enter the industry. However, social media platforms and search engines are constantly adjusting their algorithms to filter for the best results. It is no doubt that video content will be subject to the same procedure. 

Therefore, planning and creating high-quality videos that are well-executed and optimised for your campaign is essential. These actions will assist you in capturing the attention of a growing audience and improve your return on investment.  

How to develop an effective video marketing strategy

  1. Understand your customer’s pain points and develop a solution.
  2. Script and plan your video concept.
  3. Shoot and edit your video.
  4. Test the video amongst your target audience.
  5. Distribute the video across your digital and social channels.
  6. Measure the results of your video.
  7. Improve your strategy based on KPIs and engagement and make improvements within future videos.

Final thoughts 

There is no doubt that the sudden rise of popularity in video marketing has inevitably changed the course of digital marketing. Many business owners and marketers are now making significant investments in the production and distribution of video content. 

The statistics and benefits outlined within this article provide very little reason not to venture into video marketing within 2022. At this stage, it should become a vital part of your content strategy, in order to stay competitive amongst rival companies. 


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