Why Should Your Business Use Video Marketing?

Video Marketing
One fast way to build a connection with your customers and get messages across is video marketing. Companies all over have successfully used online video for some time now. With sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram within your reach, it is now easy and cost-effective to reach your target audience. The fact that close to 50% of watchers take action after viewing videos is enough motivation to use this increasingly powerful tool. Let’s explore some of the top reasons for using video marketing.

Better Google Ranks

The length of time taken by customers to stay on your site or “dwell time” is one top factor of search engines’ algorithms. So, the longer visitors stay on your site; the more search engines will view your content as being top-quality, and rank it highly. Also, videos have over 40% click-through rates than plain text in universal searches. It means that you not only get higher rankings but that visitors are more likely to click your pages. What is most inspiring is that viewers can recall videos as much as 30 days later with over 10% purchasing the products or services being advertised.

Effects on Social Media

Video is the most shared content on social media, making it a useful tool to heighten your chances of exposure. You can now create a large conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms and attain your promotional and awareness goals in the process.

Differentiate Yourself from the Rest

Top among the ways you can achieve this objective include answering queries from visitors, introducing the latest products or services, and amusing viewers. Currently, only about 50% of businesses use video marketing, which gives you the perfect opportunity to take advantage of its many benefits.

Demonstrate Products or Services

A written description is sometimes not enough to clearly and exhaustively explain the various features of a product or service. It, therefore, makes sense to include a video with a demonstration of how, why, when, or where to use what you are selling.

Easy to Create

There are countless advances in video creation, especially since everyone has embraced automation. You no longer need a team of experts and a lot of equipment to create an elaborate video since the available technology has minimised human intervention in the video content creation process.

Connect with Customers

A video is an excellent way to put a face to your corporate brand. It will showcase the unique personality of your firm, which will help clients understand you better. This connection is what will turn a visitor into a paying customer and keep them buying from your company in the future.


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