Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Responsive


Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Responsive

Mobile internet usage has been increasing over the years and according to the Morgan Stanley report on the same issue, mobile usage was projected to match desktop usage before the end of 2014. True to his analysis, this appears to have been achieved and it seems there are more mobile internet users today than there are desktop internet users.This implies for your online business to remain competitive, you need a responsive website that is optimized for mobile access. A responsive design requires you to code your website to allow access over all screen sizes and device types. This makes it easier for someone searching for certain items using mobile devices to land on your website, something that will only work to make your business better.Below are some of the reasons why you should ensure your website is responsive.1. Mobile usage is growing rapidly
More than 40% internet access is now through mobile devices, meaning there is great potential in websites that are optimized for access over mobile devices. Google’s ranking criteria also factors in mobile responsiveness, so having your website coded to allow mobile responsiveness makes your business more competitive in the online market.2. Positive user experience
According to the Google Insights about mobile usage or internet, if a visitor gets hard time accessing your website on a mobile device, there is 61% chance the person will leave the website and will not consider coming back for more services. Having a responsive website will only improve the experience of users, something that will make them to appreciate what you offer.

3. SEO friendliness
SEO marketing is one of the ways through which one’s website can earn traffic. Having a responsive website that responds positively to search engine optimization will only make marketing easier. Google shows preference to responsive websites as opposed to templates, so you stand better chances at SEO marketing if your website is responsive.

4. Speed
Achieving Google PageSpeed Developers’ requirements will earn your website a better reputation online. The content on mobile device is required to load within 1 second and the whole page should load in less than 2 seconds. However, this is not achievable on a desktop version of the website, so having a mobile friendly system that is responsive is a step in the right direction. Responsiveness is also adaptable for future devices, so you will be running an up-to-date system all the time.


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