Top Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

08 May 2015

What is the point in having a gorgeous, well-designed, user-friendly website if no one sees it?   Driving the right kind of traffic to your website has many advantages but it needs to be the ‘right’ kind of traffic from correctly targeted customers in the mind-set to buy. Without traffic, how are you going to sell your […]


Top Tips for Growing Your Youtube Subscribers

20 Apr 2015

With billions of video views daily, YouTube is a great tool for creating an online presence. In order to build your brand successfully, you want to get people to watch, enjoy and share your videos as widely as possible. This is where subscribers step in. Youtube Subscribers are the lifeblood of any YouTube channel. These […]


How to Optimise Your Youtube Content

17 Mar 2015

  With over 100 hours of content uploaded every minute, Youtube is a great addition to your social media marketing. Although achieving a high number of views and a dedicated following may seem like the main objective of having a Youtube channel, but ensuring that your content is top quality is imperative. Here, we discuss […]


Top Tips for Youtube Business Marketing

15 Jan 2015

As the second biggest search engine in the world, Youtube is a great place to make your business heard. Unlike Google and most other social media platforms, Youtube is easier to rank highly and can add significantly to the promotion of a website or company. As sharing visual content becomes increasingly popular across all social […]


New Year, New Social Media Marketing Trends for 2015

07 Jan 2015

For most social media marketers, the New Year means a new marketing strategy linking to new products, new services and new ways of engaging with potential and existing customers. Making the most out of the data you have already collected about your customers will really see your social media marketing thrive during 2015. In this […]


3 Tips for Getting More YouTube Views

10 Jun 2014

Getting results from YouTube isn’t as easy as uploading a video and then waiting for the views to roll in. No matter how professional, creative or downright wacky your video, it’s competing with the other 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. Yes, your content has to be great but it won’t be […]