Top Tips for Youtube Business Marketing

LecteurAs the second biggest search engine in the world, Youtube is a great place to make your business heard. Unlike Google and most other social media platforms, Youtube is easier to rank highly and can add significantly to the promotion of a website or company.
As sharing visual content becomes increasingly popular across all social networks, Youtube is brilliant for making your products and services accessible to everyone. With 20 hours of video uploaded every minute, considering a leap to the video sharing site as part of your digital marketing strategy might just be what your organisation needs to gain opportunities whilst increasing customer loyalty.

1. Create a Fan Base

In the same way that you would entice new Facebook fans or Twitter followers, it is important to promote your business’s Computer gamingchannel on each of your social media outlets as well as website, blog and any mailing list that you might have.
Look at your channel’s page as an outlet for your business as it needs to include your company colours and any logo or graphics that accompany it. It needs to be as recognisable as possible to your viewers and subscribers. Promoting your company via Youtube is easy. With limited character space for full descriptions of your products or services, save your copy for other social media sites and simply insert the link to your main company website instead.

2. Focus on Entertainment, Not Advertising

Youtube is a brilliant platform for showcasing educational videos, tutorials and business advice. Many smaller, less-established businesses focus on advertising their products and services and turn receive very little ROI and canstockphoto3589632a drop in online rankings dues to lack of views. Unless you are presenting your product in a new and entertaining way, no one is going to sit through a three minute demonstration.
In an age of effortless internet accessibility, Youtube usage is extensive. Avoid showcasing your business’ own work and try to provide your audience with some new information. In a friendly – but not too friendly – manner, present real insider knowledge that isn’t readily available on your own website. Try to make these industry-specific as you are looking to target people particularly interested in what your business does. Youtube audiences are very aware of users ‘cloaking’ (a term used to refer to businesses that pose as homemade videos showing something funny or cute whilst weaving in a soft sell). Instead, be transparent with the way that you present yourself and your business’ way of working. Make it clear that you a company – whether big or small – and that you’re worth watching.

3. Get Creative

Being creative is obviously your biggest concern when Bookcreating content for a Youtube video. Viral videos are a big deal in the video sharing world as viewers from all over the world wait for the ‘next big thing’ in terms of a funny, artistic or illuminating video to show to their friends and family.
Focus on your main demographics – your customers. Fun and informative content is more likely to be shared in comparison to traditional advertising unless it is something special. Ensuring that your content is entertaining will increase the chance of your viewers interacting with you via comments and likes as well as sharing your videos – a valuable part of gaining new customers whilst keeping your existing ones happy.

4. Get Optimised

Although it may be difficult to come up with a viral video idea straight away, researching the keywords that will draw people to your channel and its content will give you an idea of what your subscribers are searching for. Keywords keyboard keyFor the best results, search for your main competitors’ videos and, taking the URL they’re using, search for backlinks using Google Analytics’ free tool. This will indicate the types of people who found their videos and where the interest came from. This information will be essential for use when deciding on video promotion.
Like all SEO-related tasks, make sure that your video is fully optimised to make the most of your online presence. To be discovered amongst a sea of billions you will need to ensure that your title and any descriptions are using industry relevant terms as well as the word ‘video’. Use the Youtube tag tool as well to create focussed, search-friendly tags for your content.

To Wrap Up…

Expanding your business’ social media and general online presence with Youtube business marketing is a great way to improve your reputation. Uploading interesting videos and tutorials that teach potential customers something new and related to the industry will help drive users to your site and can add greatly to your conversion rate if carried out correctly.

Do you have any tips for using Youtube to market your business? Please leave your comments below…


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