How to Optimise Your Youtube Content

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With over 100 hours of content uploaded every minute, Youtube is a great addition to your social media marketing. Although achieving a high number of views and a dedicated following may seem like the main objective of having a Youtube channel, but ensuring that your content is top quality is imperative.
Here, we discuss the best ways to optimise your Youtube content in terms of SEO but also relevance.

1. It’s all About the Tag

Tagging is an essential part of Youtube etiquette and a powerful marketing tool which makes them a lot more discoverable. Currently, the international video giant has no way of truly understanding video content, so it is really important to associate your video with text. Use your video – whether it’s promotional, information or a ‘how to’ – to rank for specific keywords. Look to include any brand keywords in your tagging and avoid irrelevant terms that you may feel up your ratings, even if it is tempting!
Youtube no longer prioritises its videos by the overall volume of views; instead it focuses on a video’s ‘watch time’ or bounce rate. If a user stumbles upon your video due to a misleading title or tag, it won’t engage the audience and will have a negative effect on your channels.
Google Trends is a great free tool for identifying relevant non-brand keywords that will help you drive traffic to your video. This will help you get an insight into the kind of things that users are searching for on Youtube and may help you form a lot of information on your target customers in regards to their tastes and demographic.

2. Try Closed-Captioning

Although tags and titles are a huge part of the making your videos locatable, adding closed-caption files to your all videos can really aid your optimisation. Taking the time to transcribe and upload closed-caption files will help your videos rank higher due to their allowed access to multiple format information. You can increase your ranking simply by having your video captions uploaded to translated subtitles on Youtube.
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3. Bring a Call to Action

Strong Youtube content contains a call-to-action within the descriptions and annotations. Annotations not only remind people to keep sharing and watching but they help keep them engaged with you. The best place to position your annotations is around the borders of the video so you don’t obstruct the main section of the video.
Another way to increase your engagement levels through incorporating a strong call-to-action is through creating a ‘Channel Trailer’. This feature allows you to have a specific video playing on your channel’s page when a non-subscriber lands on it. This is a great way of giving a potential audience member an idea of what your brand is about and why they should watch your content.

4. Make Playlist URLs

Making playlists can vastly improve the watch time of your Youtube content. This feature enables viewers to watch each of your videos one after the other as Youtube automatically lines up the next one. Not only will this enhance viewing figures and overall engagement, but will improve your time-on-site and time-on-page metrics.
If you’re looking to promote multiple videos, make sure to share the complete playlist URL on your social media accounts rather than the single video URL.

To Wrap Things Up…

Taking the time to optimise your Youtube content will greatly increase your visibility on the site. Period. Similar to the laborious task of optimising your


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