New Jelly App for Marketers

10 Jan 2014

This week, Twitter’s co-founder Biz Stone launched a new mobile, visual Q&A app called Jelly. The app enables users to pose a question to their social networks by taking a photo and attaching a drawing or text. These questions display in a swipe-through feed on the app, to be answered or ignored by other users. […]


Tailored Audiences new to Twitter Advertising

16 Dec 2013

Twitter certainly isn’t up for getting left behind in the online advertising market and the social network has stepped up what it has to offer with the introduction of ads that are tailored to audiences. Now all businesses have the opportunity to remarket to their potential customers on the social media channel. The most powerful […]


Facebook Promotes Quality Content

09 Dec 2013

Social network giant, Facebook, has recently announced a change to their algorithms which will effect which content takes prominence in user news feeds. The change was made on the 2nd December and will elevate high quality news articles, in an effort to provide users with better access to what they enjoy and to improve click-through […]


Google page rank update December 2013

06 Dec 2013

Google has updated page rank in December 2013 According to Matt Cutts from Google he said he would be surprised if there was a public update in Google page rank before 2014, but it has happened. Many lower quality websites and blogs have lost their page rank altogether . However as always there have been winners […]


Chrome Voice Search Extension

02 Dec 2013

Using speech to search for information or to ask a question is already all the rage on smartphones and tablets with Google’s Voice Search and Apple’s Siri taking centre stage for popularity. And now, us desktop and laptop users are no longer to miss out as Google has introduced a Voice Search extension for the […]


Google Street View: Explore Indoors

29 Nov 2013

Great isn’t it – strolling the streets of Paris, checking out a Chinese market or even finding it far too fun to walk next to your house. With Google Street View you can travel the world without moving from your seat – well, you can travel with your eyes anyway. And now you can even […]


Google Patents a Social Media Robot

26 Nov 2013

Are you forever neglecting your social media channels? Are the floods of updates and messages just too time consuming? Can you even remember the last time you interacted with another user? Well, in the future you could avoid a diminishing online presence by handing over all of your social media commitments to a robot. The […]


Selfie – Word of the Year 2013

19 Nov 2013

‘Selfie’ – the term that has made it possible to post frequent self-portraits on social media without seeming absurdly vain. Yes, we’ve all seen them: the so-called casual ‘no make up’ selfie, the pouty close-up, the high-angle shots of ripped male bodies captioned ‘been to the gym’ and the double portrait shots of friends pulling […]