Facebook Promotes Quality Content

Social network giant, Facebook, has recently announced a change to their algorithms which will effect which content takes prominence in user news feeds. The change was made on the 2nd December and will elevate high quality news articles, in an effort to provide users with better access to what they enjoy and to improve click-through rates on the channel.
Facebook’s modification to news feeds is a reaction to the increase in people using the network to read and share the latest news, whether it’s about serious world issues or celebrity blunders. Facebook has commented, ‘The goal of News Feed is to show the right content to the right people at the right time. In the last year, more people found news on Facebook than ever before. Today’s update to News Feed ranking recognizes that people want to see more relevant news and what their friends have to say about it.”facebook promotes quality content
The change means users will see more links to high quality articles about current news appearing in their feed, across all devices. In turn, low-quality links such as meme photos and mass-shared viral content may show up less.
Users will further be given an option to read more articles relating to the one they have just read. This will help users to find more of their preferred content on the channel and will essentially provide them with a more bespoke networking experience.
What does this change mean for businesses on Facebook?
As this algorithm change is so recent, it is too early to say how or even if this will affect the reach of brands and businesses on Facebook. Nevertheless, there are a few points you can keep in mind to give yourself the best chance of a wide audience reach:

  • Be Informative

Facebook’s priority is to provide users with more of the information they like to see so keep this in mind and think about what your audience would want to see from you. What’s in the news that everybody’s talking about, is there anything new happening in your business or is there is a current trend?

  • Be Relevant

Just because users have liked your page doesn’t mean they want to hear about your brand or business day in day out. Make your content relevant to your audience to ensure you are regarded as a valuable part of their network. Share valuable and varied content including images, videos and links that will entertain your audience and enable you to reap the rewards of reach and engagement.

  • Be Consistent

Remember to maintain your style of voice and brand personality across all of your content. The more you can do this then the more recognisable you’ll be to your audience. Plus, vary when you post and post regularly. Users don’t want to be overloaded with 20 posts in a day then see nothing for the rest of the week. Show up in their news feed at least once a day but no more.
Read what Facebook has to say about the change here.
Have you noticed a difference in your Facebook reach yet? Please leave us a comment below – it would be great to hear your thoughts…


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