Wimbledon Goes Super Social

25 Jun 2014

This summer’s world-famous tennis tournament is set to be the most social to date, with organisers of Wimbledon harnessing Twitter to involve fans in the action. For the first time, the big screens at the famous Henman Hill and the surrounding grounds will show user-generated content, including tweets, pictures and votes. And the audience at […]


Google Maps Public Transport Data

15 May 2014

In the single largest update to their maps service, Google have incorporated data for public transport across England, Scotland and Wales. Users can now head to the platform for information about the departure times, routes and number of stops for trains, buses and ferries across the country. Google Maps isn’t the first app to offer […]


Twitter Testing a Fave People Timeline

18 Mar 2014

Like to follow a bunch of accounts but don’t always want to see their tweets in your feed? Twitter may have the answer… What is ‘Fave People’? Twitter is trialling a new timeline feature called ‘Fave People’ in their Android alpha application – a mobile app the company uses to test changes before they move […]


Facebook Buying Drones to Connect Africa

05 Mar 2014

Now that Facebook wear the crown for biggest social network in the world, they are upping their game to head into new realms. Space is their next endeavour with the company in talks to purchase 11,000 drones that would provide internet access to isolated, developing communities. These advanced, solar-powered drones are built by Titan Aerospace, […]


Facebook Introduces New Feature – Highlights Feed

28 Feb 2014

Facebook have begun testing a new ‘highlights’ feed so you can skim through your friend’s most important life experiences with ease. The highlights feed update was pushed out to all ios users last weekend (21st-23rd February) and according to the app’s change log, didn’t include anything more than simple bug fixes. This clearly was not […]


LinkedIn Publishing Tool

26 Feb 2014

Big news in the LinkedIn camp this week, the LinkedIn Publishing Tool is seeing more utilisation. The previously ‘influencer only’ tool for publishing longform posts is now available to all every single user within the LinkedIn network. Ryan Roslanksy, LinkedIn’s Head of Content Products has commented: “We’re really excited to actually open up this publishing platform and […]


Safer Internet Day

11 Feb 2014

Today marks Safer Internet Day: a global event that takes place each February to promote awareness of the dangers of online technology. Organised by the European support network, Insafe, the campaign aims to educate teachers, parents and children about the risks and to encourage the safer use of the internet. In the run up to […]


Google Links Google+ Contacts to Gmail

18 Jan 2014

In another move to integrate the Google+ network with its other services, Google has made the email addresses of all Google+ users available to Gmail users. This means that Google+ users need only type the name of their recipient to have access to their email and be able to send them a direct message through […]