Content Marketing

Why Should You Consider Youtube Marketing?

02 Dec 2015

<strong>One of the advantages of YouTube marketing through the Internet is that it can be very cost effective. This can be especially true of a video sharing sites because of the popularity of online videos, and the fact that there is no charge involved for uploading content. There are two basic ways that YouTube can […]


Tips for Awesome Affiliate Marketing Strategies

17 Nov 2015

If you are new to affiliate marketing or have been at it for a while but not having much success, then there are things you can do that might help make your marketing efforts yield more results. Affiliate marketing (in case you were wondering) is a referral program that pays commission to people who successfully […]


Top Tips for Publishing SEO-Friendly Blog Posts

02 Nov 2015

Blog posts can be interesting and powerful marketing tools to capture a certain target audience. They are highly engaging and are often fun to write. However, there is a misconception amongst beginners that simply writing about a relevant topic will automatically generate inbound hits and subscribers. In truth, there is a very real science to […]


Why Should You Use Infographics?

28 Oct 2015

Infographics are image files that are often loaded with easy-to-understand visual information. They are a little like a PowerPoint presentation if you were to take the main points of each slide and slip them into one big slide. 1. They are smooth brand promoters It is fun and handy when you can slip your brand […]


How to Drive Traffic to Your Site Using Instagram

14 Oct 2015

The rise of visual social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Vine has really changed the way that businesses approach their content marketing strategies. Although voice is a major part of getting your business’ ideas heard, visual communication such as images of products and memes relevant to the industry can also give your customers […]


5 Ways to Improve Your Content Shareability

09 Oct 2015

Whether you’re writing a weekly blog or sending out daily social media posts ensuring that your content is sharable is essential. There are many advantages of upping your content game including increasing website traffic and engagement across each of your different platforms. 1. Be Visual Many people scuttling around on the internet become excited at […]


Top Blogging Tips for Businesses

25 Sep 2015

Producing a business blog is an excellent way of advertising your company profile as well as driving inbound marketing. Here are some top tips to get the most out of your blogging by making it work as a powerful business tool. Keep it Targeted Your blog is you 24 hours, seven days per week shop […]


What are the Benefits of PR?

21 Sep 2015

In a world of digital marketing, when was the last time you considered PR? I mean real good, old-fashioned, solid PR, not content marketing, blog posts, or social media, where your company brand gets mentioned a couple of times. Whether your company is online, or a bricks and mortar establishment, it should still play a […]