Why Should You Consider Youtube Marketing?

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<strong>One of the advantages of YouTube marketing through the Internet is that it can be very cost effective. This can be especially true of a video sharing sites because of the popularity of online videos, and the fact that there is no charge involved for uploading content.

There are two basic ways that YouTube can be utilised for the purposes of marketing. One is to make and upload your own videos to the site, or, alternatively, advertise on other people’s videos. With 4 billion videos viewed every single day, and monthly visitors to the site numbering a billion, the potential audience a video can reach is huge. Figures from Nielsen also indicate that, for young adults in the US (18-34-year-olds), YouTube is preferred to all the cable networks.</strong>

<h1>Why Videos Are Increasingly Important </h1>

With Google now increasingly recognising videos as being as important as text, this should act as an incentive for companies to explore marketing on YouTube. One effective way of doing so is to complement articles on your website with a video. Consequently, you increase the likelihood of backlinks to your site, either for the article or the video. This will, then in turn, result in the relevant page rising to a more prominent position in Google’s search results. Videos can add a greater authority to your site too, which will also be beneficial to you as far as Google is concerned. The domain name of your website should be used for your YouTube channel also.

<h1>Keep Things Fresh And Engage Your Viewers </h1>

It’s important to keep your video content fresh and interesting, so as to continue to build your audience. While a good video shouldn’t just consist of moving or still images and have great sound quality. A call-to-action should be considered inside the videos themselves, whether it’s to promote other videos, your website, products or services. With the right type of software you can even build up an email list, whereby people can enter their email address in the video they are watching and subscribe.

<h1>The Positive Impact Of Trust</h1>

A key aspect of successful video marketing is trust. For instance, if a video features someone from a company speaking directly to their audience, then this helps to give the video a more human appeal. As a consequence the audience will be more inclined to buy the product or use the service advertised.

<h1>Advertising On YouTube Videos </h1>

Google AdSense for Video and Google AdWords are two ways that you can earn revenue on videos that are on YouTube. You can have Google AdSense ads placed on every video you upload, while through Google AdWords you can advertise on videos not uploaded by you.

<h4>Do you use YouTube marketing to promote your business? Please leave your comments below…</h4>


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