Why Facebook Advertising can help your Business?

The online business landscape has shifted dramatically over the last few years. Where once the mighty Google was the 800lb gorilla when it came to generating traffic, it is now in the social media space that much of the online population can be found. Although there are many different social platforms from Twitter to Snapchat, each with their own advantages and demographics, the one big player that can’t be ignored is Facebook, with its well-over 1bn actively monthly users.

The Facebook advertising system offers a quick way to tap into this huge market – but placing your advertising on Facebook offers many other benefits beyond the sheer scale of its reach.

Mobile Users

It’s estimated that nearly three quarters of Facebook users access the site using a mobile device, whether this be a smartphone or a tablet. Apart from representing a huge market, being able to target a large mobile audience has many benefits, not least the fact that mobile Facebook users are often killing time in situations such as a morning commute. This means that they represent something of a captive audience, and can be highly receptive to a compelling message delivered direct to their device.

Precision Targeting

It’s astounding how much information giants such as Facebook and Google hold about their users. Regardless of any privacy concerns, this situation offers excellent opportunities for marketers. Using Facebook ads, it’s possible to zero in on an audience with a very high degree of granularity, placing your advertising in front of the exact demographic most likely to convert into sales. It’s even possible to ‘clone’ the results from successful campaigns using the Look-Alike Audiences feature to find new targets likely to convert well.

Excellent Metrics

The Facebook Insights system allows marketers to track the results of their advertising campaigns with a high degree of accuracy, making it relatively simple to refine and enhance campaigns for maximum results. Virtually every aspect of your campaign’s performance can be tracked, from simple engagement counts to detailed demographics of the responding audience, offering untold opportunities for boosting profitability.

Split Testing

The Facebook advertising system also makes it simple to split test advertising campaigns to see what works best, further improving the conversion rates and decreasing costs per acquisition. Facebook’s Power Editor tool makes it a simple matter to try new ideas, presenting different messages to different demographics, and homing in on the combinations that generate the best results.

Fast Results

It’s also quick and easy to set up new campaigns within the Facebook environment. Not only does this allow faster reactions when it comes to monitoring performance, it also means that campaigns can piggy-back on popular trends in an extremely agile manner. Furthermore, advertising copy and images can be rotated extremely easily, helping to avoid the ad-blindness that can so easily set in for habitual internet users faced with familiar advertising material.

It was only a few years ago that social media was largely dismissed as a viable marketing channel – “social doesn’t convert” was the mantra heard throughout the industry. Today, it’s clear that nothing could be further from the truth, and Facebook advertising offers an ideal way to reach the huge audience that social media enjoys.


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