What’s the Deal with SEO?

SEO (2)As internet marketing grows, businesses are more concerned about being seen in a vast online marketplace. With easy access to social media, companies are creating Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts every day with the hope that someone will find them and buy their products or services.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, a process which involves optimising your presence online with a view to get more engagement or drive sales. The benefit of optimising your websites, blogs and even social media profiles can be vast in terms of ROI and reaching customers who you wouldn’t necessarily have.

 What are the Benefits of SEO for Small Businesses?

As well as extended online visibility, SEO is brilliant for creating a more user-friendly website. By focusing the core themes of your company you can enable customers who would benefit from your business to find you easily.
SEO will also help you gain better search engine result rankings. As a rule an individual will only scroll through up to three separate pages of results before losing patience. If you are lucky enough to be in those first three pages, good for you, if you’re not, you need a better, more concentrated plan.  Web Traffic
Being high on a search page is a good thing but it’s not great if you’re not getting sales. An SEO optimised website is more likely to create better conversion rates as visitors are more likely to become customers.
Like any kind of business, whether you’re selling soap or carpet cleaning services, there will always be competition out there. By optimising your content you can bypass the businesses out there without it. Taking advantage of local SEO is perfect for smaller businesses as you are able to promote to a larger area than you were before.

What goes into Optimising a Website?

SEO is still a rather complex concept which involves quite a lot of work. Many businesses opt to employ specialists to work on SEO for them but it is very doable on your own with some basic knowledge.
Optimising a website includes focusing each of your posts and pages individually to the demographic that you’re looking to target. This optimisation is created by choosing specific keywords and enticing prospective customers canstockphoto3307945through exciting descriptions and relevant titles. The name of the company and the product is essential here as it will be the deciding vote in whether someone clicks onto your page or not. Luckily most website building software, like WordPress and Blogger, come with specific SEO plugins making it easier for individuals to increase traffic to their sites.
Optimising the code on a website is also really important, filling relevant information into Meta descriptions and tidying up excess, unnecessary code will improve SEO capabilities and make your company more visible to the search engines looking to find you.

What about Social Media?

Optimising a social media profile is slightly different to working on a full website. Unlike company websites nothing needs to be changed on the coding as you only have the one page. But still remain relevant; ensure that your company name is used throughout, add rich information like the address and main purpose of the business into the ‘About’ section and include important links to your company website and any other social media platforms.

To Wrap Up…

As more and more businesses are converting to internet marketing it is vital that businesses focus their online efforts onto making themselves visible. Whether you’re a marketing whiz or a complete novice there are many really useful guides out there for making the most out of your website.

Do you use SEO for your business? How has it worked for you? Please leave your comments below…


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