What Makes the Perfect Social Media Update?

Social media now dominates the internet and using it correctly can increase your views dramatically. Whatever your reason for engaging with it may be, there are a number of techniques that can help you get the most out of the experience. As there are subtle differences between platforms, we will consider Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and how you can fashion the perfect social media update.


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With over a billion regular users, Facebook represents a massive potential market for product and information but there are good and bad ways to present it.

  • Be mobile friendly. Over two thirds of Facebook users can access social media on their mobile device. Including imagery is important as it undoubtedly increases user engagement, but ensure it translates well on to the ever popular smart phone.
  • Send a positive message as this will increase interest in your latest update and encourage your reader to continue on through your post.
  • Include a link to your website and use a shortened URL (bit.ly). Make it obvious and proud. Promote your product or your point of view!
  • Create a dialogue with your readers, engage their interest and keep hold of them by building relationships and providing them with the information they want, thereby reducing the chances of the dreaded click through.


Bird holding a hashtag
From small beginnings in 2006, Twitter now hosts, on average, a billion tweets per week. Again, there are simple, effective ways to utilise this.

  • Punctuation can easily be ignored with only 140 characters available. Use it correctly and capitalise when needed as this shows a level of professionalism.
  • Thank thosewho follow or retweet you. Again, engagement is the key here. It also pays to retweet relevant points from your followers.
  • Stick to the facts and drive retweets with interesting, pertinent content.
  • Research suggests that shortened URL’s – Bit.ly – are most likely to generate traffic and retweets. Use them whenever practical.
  • Start or finish the tweet with a call to action. Let your readership know what you want in clear, simple terms.
  • The Hashtag drives links and retweets, allowing your followers to keep in touch with a subject or product


Google plus is similar to both Facebook and Twitter, in that it is an open network, but users do have a little more control over who can actually see the posts.

  • Engagement, as always. Is the key. Communicating with everyone who comments or shares your views is the single best way to drive traffic. Friends and followers will rapidly lose interest if you are not answering their questions.
  • Hashtags # make it easier for people to discover your content. It is also an excellent way to find people with common interests and goals.
  • Imagery should be of excellent quality and it is important to use the full size option available in Google+. This again sends out a positive message and drives traffic to your page.

The final two, regardless of platform…

  • Craft your words with care and precision. Whether it is a 110 character Twitter post or a call to action on Facebook, make each word count.
  • Timing is as important as words. Research when your tweet or post is going to be seen by the most people.

Following these simple rules will offer you the best chance of getting your posts and updates noticed, and acted upon.

How do you go about forming the perfect social media update? Please leave your comments below…


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