Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

If you ask any business person what the most important thing about their profession is, they will tell you it is getting more customers. The same case applies to those who own websites. They are always looking for ways to boost traffic to their sites. A business website works like an employee; only that it is operating 24 hours a day. With such an employee, you will need to direct more people to your website to maximise its productivity.


Why Website Traffic is Important

Website traffic helps you:

• Determine how your marketing efforts are paying off
• Collect information about your target audience to make informed decisions
• Generate more leads and gather additional clients
• Increase your SEO credibility

Below are various ways to direct traffic to your website.


Advertising your business online is the most basic thing to do. Whether you choose to advertise through social media or display advertising, you will end up attracting more customers. This will put your site in the forefront and strengthen your brand.

Do Email Marketing

Create a mailing list where you send your customers newsletters and offers through email. This will increase traffic to your website as these customers will click the links you send them to either read your blogs or buy whatever you are selling. Ensure you send them important links to your blog posts, landing pages and website pages. However, do not flood your customers’ inboxes with emails as it might end up annoying them and some of them could even decide to unsubscribe from your mailing list. Also, send such emails to clients you are sure that they will read them, otherwise you will not get any traffic to your website.

Guest Blogging

Publishing a guest blog post on your website is a great way to direct traffic to your site. This is because they are likely to share this post with their audience, which will mean a larger audience for you. It will also enrich your content or add more variety to it, which shows your customers that you are serious about whatever you do. You could also request the influencer to put in a word about you in one of their posts. You could also interview the influencer and use that piece as a blog post on your website for more traffic.

Create Irresistible Headlines

To catch your readers’ attention, consider coming up with compelling headlines for your blogs. Familiarise yourself with headline writing. You can try this trick by writing several titles and then selecting one that looks and sounds compelling. This will likely drive more traffic to your site. Before publishing any blog, revisit your headline to ensure it is irresistible. There are various online tools that can help with this task also.

Pay Attention to On-Page SEO

Optimising your content for search engines will work very well in driving more traffic to your website. Some of the ways to optimise your content include using meta descriptions and internal links. These are things that many people ignore but tend to be very useful in directing more traffic to a website.

Get social

Writing exceptional content is simply not enough. You will need to become proactive. Using social media is a great way of promoting your website. You can use Twitter to create some quick, eye-catching links for your followers, and they will definitely click them. Also, image-heavy sites like Instagram and Pinterest could come in handy. Get as social as you can to reach your audience at a personal level.

Post Content on LinkedIn

Nowadays, LinkedIn is more than a site used to find jobs. This is where the world’s biggest professionals come together to connect with one another. It has also become a useful platform for publishing content, which means you should always post your blogs there. This will not only direct more traffic to your website but will also enrich your profile. You will end up getting a bigger following.

Ensure Your Site is Responsive

The time when the internet was only accessible through computers is long overdue. Nowadays people prefer to browse the web using their mobile devices whenever they can. Compelling your audience to read your content from a PC will just discourage them. If you are looking to have more traffic to your website, ensure everyone can access your content on any device. This should include even the smallest of smartphones.

Make Yourself Heard in Comment Sections

It is possible that you visit other websites that are relevant to your business frequently. When you do so, ensure you join the conversation. You will make a name for yourself by giving insightful comments. This might also lead to more traffic heading to your website as readers will be curious to know what your blog is all about. However, ensure you only engage with people dealing with the same niche as your firm.

These are just some of the diverse things you should do to increase traffic to your website. Follow each of them, and soon, your content will be commanding a huge multitude of clients and a curious audience.



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