5 Benefits of Video Marketing

According to Forrester Research, one minute of video is equal in value to 1.8 million words. Ok, that might sound like quite a claim but it cannot be ignored that 100 million internet users watch video online everyday and 46% of those people are likely to take further action on a website after viewing a video ad.
If these statistics aren’t convincing enough then how about the fact that 80% of people will recall watching a video for up to 30 days and 50% of people watch business-related videos on YouTube. The potential is there and it is strong but are you making the most of video marketing for your business?

video marketing

5 Benefits of Video Marketing:

1.   Quick Transmission of Information
As information is becoming increasingly easy to find, access and use on the web, people are spending less time getting what they want, when they want it. Videos are popular because they can provide information in a quick and simple fashion. This means your interested audience or potential customers don’t have to wade through text to find out who you are and what you do.
Your video is your hook, your starting point: a method of catching your audience’s attention and keeping it.
2.   Popularity
Video is the most popular content on the web, with over 1 billion unique users visiting YouTube to watch 6 billion hours of video each month. YouTube is also the second largest search engine after Google. What we’re saying is, there’s a very high likelihood of your video getting seen.
The more your video is seen, then the more your brand is exposed and the wider your audience becomes. Video is also the more shared content online – the more your video is shared then the more benefits your brand reaps, once again.
Video is what your potential customers like and where they’re at so make the content they’re looking for.
3.   Search Visibility video marketing

Search engines consider video content as quality content. As your video climbs in popularity and moves up the YouTube search rankings, the search authority of your website will improve.
Google rewards you for your video – how can you lose?
Boost your website’s SEO with a popular YouTube video.
4.   Promote your Brand
Your website might inform your audience of what you do, how you do it and all that jazz but a video can help you set your brand apart from competitors. With a video, you can showcase your brand’s personality, your business’ creativity, the people behind your business, what makes your brand different and more.
With video, it is easier for you to make a connection with your audience and for your audience to connect to you.
Video content can help your brand appear more attractive, more recognisable and more approachable.
5.   Engage your Audience
If, as we said at the start, 46% of people are likely to take further action on a website after viewing a video ad then it’s true that video is highly engaging content. If your video gives benefit to your viewer, whether it be information or entertainment, then that viewer is likely to engage further with your brand.
Whether that engagement is more traffic to your website, more interest in your products/services or more sales for your business, video is one of the most effective and proven ways to drive these results.
Encourage engagement with beneficial video content.
Essentially, video content is hot right now, and an increasing number of brands are pushing out this content to spread awareness, promote their products and gain more customers. If you’d like to discover how Pinnacle can help you harness the power of online video then check out our YouTube Video Marketing services.


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