Using Google Plus for Your Business’ Internal Communications


Communication in business is fundamental, and there are various ways to facilitate it. Google Plus is one of the platforms that companies use nowadays for their internal communications. A lot of people know about Google+ and know it’s an incredible social platform, but its functioning goes beyond that. Employees of a company must find a way to communicate with one another. There are some motivations why Google Plus is a good alternative for that.

It’s Free

The market is not short of tools for business communications. As a matter of fact, there are so many options that picking just one is nearly impossible. However, most of these tools require money. Businesses have to pay for packages to get the features they need. Google Plus offer users an incredible platform at no cost. As a company, you can certainly appreciate that.

Multiple Features

Google Plus comes with numerous features that are built-in. Business communication is not just about interactions. People look for so much more when picking a communication tool. For instance, there is an event calendar that you can use for better organisation. There are other features like Hangouts and Collections that you can benefit from.


Hangouts on Google Plus allow people to communicate through video. If a company has people in remote locations, they can talk to their colleagues using hangouts. The feature is perfect for an enterprise that has telecommuting workers. The employees at home can chat through video and do their work. Just because someone is not in the office does not mean they cannot attend a conference meeting thanks to Google Plus.

Simpler Organisation

Organization is one of Google Plus many blessings. When using regular e-mail for internal communications, it may be hard to keep track of conversations and sort out emails from different people. With Google+, there is the option of having different ‘circles’. It is a good way to categorise the people communicate with. Employees have an easier time when they keep conversations to specific circles.


Sharing of information can help a company thrive. The cohesion in a business will depend on how well people share relevant information. With Google Plus, everything is easier because there are sharing options on the platform. If colleagues want to get updates on certain posts, all they have to do is +1. It makes it less stressful to find information that is useful to the execution of duties.

Communication Anywhere

Google+ is available on multiple devices. Even someone using a mobile phone can access the tool. It makes it convenient for everyone because workers can communicate from anywhere they are. If you own a Google account, then you can start using your Google+. With this tool, there is no need for people to stay out of the loop even when they are away from the office.

Do you use Google Plus within your business? Please leave your comments below…


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