Top Tips for Using Your Social Media Testimonials

canstockphoto21745782Your testimonials page is one of the most powerful and influential pages on your website. This is the part where people say how great your product or service is. But the question is, how can you use your social media testimonials effectively? Let’s look at some of the best ways to collect reviews and encourage more positive feedback from your followers.

Use LinkedIn Recommendations

Shout loudspeakerThis social media site is a great source of reviews and recommendations. If you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or you own a company with many employees, then you should be using LinkedIn to collect recommendations from the customers you work with. With their permission, you can post their recommendations on your website at the testimonials page or create a dedicated page that features customer reviews.

YouTube Video Reviews

YouTube is another excellent social media platform that allows companies to post a video of their customers talking about their services or products. You should encourage your followers to add their videos about your brand along with a link that connects to your website. It’s also possible to store multiple video reviews of your fans on your YouTube channel. This is a great way of letting people exchange their thoughts about your service or product.

Make the Most of Your Facebook Commentsthumb up, i like it

If you have a Facebook account, then you may already be monitoring your fans’ posts and comments. Whenever you receive a positive comment, post it to your business site by embedding it. A credible testimonial can also be linked back to the person who wrote the review. All you need to do is encourage your followers to share their thoughts about your company’s service or product by commenting about it directly on your Facebook page.

Embed your Tweets

Twitter is another great social media site that most companies use. Although not everyone will mention a product or service on Twitter, you still have the option of using the embed tweet to find a positive review. Once one of your fans mentions something about your company, you can embed the tweet on your website. Embedded tweets are highly credible as they can easily be traced to a real person. You may also ask your customer to include your company’s custom hashtag in order to add even more value to your product or service.

canstockphoto26649184Reward Customers Who Leave Positive Reviews

When you consider all of the above options, why not go a little further and offer prizes to your followers. Every time someone leaves a review about your product or service you can enter their name in a cash prize draw or share coupons and discounts on their websites. This strategy works for online testimonials as well as the ones you receive over the phone or through videos. By offering customers incentives, you’ll increase your reviews and gain more visibility on the Web. Remember that the better your offer, the more testimonials you’re likely to receive.

What do you do with your social media testimonials? Please leave your comments below…


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