Top Tips for Christmas SEO

Christmas SEO
It’s almost Christmas time and online retailers are actively looking to jump into high gear. If your business offers online shopping, then you will find the following tips useful for implementing search engine optimisation. Check out our top tips to ensure you don’t get left behind in the Christmas SEO game,

The Importance of Search Engine Optimisation

During the festive period, competition for customers becomes fiercer than any other time of the year. Although consumers tend to spend more money at Christmas, it can still be more difficult for smaller businesses to get their slice of the pie. If you’re willing to offer a good deal, this can attract more customers to your website. Online retailers can increase their visibility even further by using SEO as the primary strategy.

You can start by publishing holiday-themed content on your website and optimise it well in order to drive online traffic. From an SEO perspective, your website must be kept up-to-date at all times, or else you won’t be able to generate leads. A professionally-designed website will look great, but what use will it be if you can’t get traffic to it. This is why SEO plays such an important role for small and large e-commerce businesses.

Use Social Media

Social media is another important aspect of advertising campaigns. Facebook and Twitter have long been used as effective tools to generate traffic to websites and boost sales. You can run competitions with prizes on Facebook and invite your online followers to visit your shop. By offering promotions, you can make the most of your existing customers and encourage for new ones to join your website.

Ask for Feedback from Your Happy Customers

Positive feedback about your business can only boost your visibility and attract more customers. You can invite your existing customers to give reviews about your product or service and publish these on third-party websites such as Yahoo or Amazon. You can also encourage your existing customers to post their reviews about your business on a regular basis, not just at Christmas time.

Think About Pay-Per-Click

Your optimisation efforts can develop further by using PPC advertising. This campaign will improve your website’s chances of appearing on top of the most popular search engines just by bidding on relevant keywords. The keywords you choose must be relevant to the content you are optimising. Remember to focus your PPC campaign entirely on the product that has the highest demand so that you can set your highest margins on that particular product.

Do you have any plans for utilising Christmas SEO? Please leave your comments below…


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