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Optimising your website has never been so important as in today’s competitive online marketplace, and using strong SEO tactics is essential if you want to elevate your company’s presence in the Google search engine rankings. When it comes to getting your business noticed on the world wide web, there are several strategies that you can use to make sure you are maximising your chances of exposure to as large an audience as possible. Here are some top SEO tactics to incorporate into your marketing strategy:

Optimise Your Content’s Keywords

While coming up with content can be quite challenging, the key is to place a brief section of content with a strong keyword focus close to the top of the page and also at the foot of it, both above and below the product table.

Focus On Quality

Providing relevant content is no longer adequate in today’s competitive online arena, the content itself must be high quality. Avoid the all too common trap of repurposing and borrowing content from manufacturers’ websites and instead focus on providing unique and authentic content that adds value. With the goal of converting visitors to customers in mind, supplying them with informative and engaging content will not only give them the online experience that they are looking for, but will also improve your Google ranking status since the latest algorithms are now devaluing sites that offer poor quality content.

The Importance Of Direct Responses

Never underestimate the importance of direct response oriented content. Take advantage of your meta-tags and titles to optimise your page for a particular keyword and encourage searchers to visit your page. Consider choosing some of the following attributes in your descriptions and titles to achieve greater success:
Percentage Off
100% Guarantee
Order Now
Free Shipping
Ends Soon

Avoiding Technical Issues

Remember it is not only content that has a role to play in the success of your site but also its technical elements and crawlability. 404 errors, for example, are a major issue that should be avoided. Using Google Webmaster Tools to identify 404 errors is essential to redirecting these malfunctioning URL’s to a relevant working page on your website. The speed at which your site is operating is also a key factor. Use GWT to monitor your speed and rapidly address any issues which arise. This tools is now called Google Search Console, but does the same things.

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