5 Tips for a More Readable Website

As the internet has told us multiple times, ‘content is king’. And yet, a website loaded with quality content and great search rankings still won’t do much good unless people stay around long enough to read it.
After all, the whole point of great content is to convert traffic into leads and sales for your business.
For the majority of website visitors, it only takes a few seconds to decide whether they’re going to stick around or make their exit – so first impressions really do count. Your website needs to look brilliant, be easy to navigate and easy to read.

tips for a more readable website

Here are 5 tips to help you enhance the readability of your website:

1.      Evergreen Content

Produce content that is relevant now and will still be relevant in the future. By doing so, you can ensure your website will still perform well in years to come by continuing to interest your target audience.
It’s also a good idea to refresh your content every so often with new facts or information. If a visitor lands on content that is outdated or irrelevant then it’s pretty likely they’ll go elsewhere.

2.      Formatting

The formatting of your content is just as important as the content itself. Using appropriate fonts, colours and text sizes that are easy on the eye will make all the difference to whether your visitors stay around or leave.
Break up your copy into small paragraphs that are easy to digest and use bullet pointed lists and bold headings to highlight information. Images and graphs are also very effective on a website as visual content easily catches the eye.

3.      Navigation

Let’s not forget that your website isn’t just a pretty picture but a fully functioning online platform. And the more difficult it is to use the functions, then the quicker your visitors will be ready to leave.
This is why you need to make sure that your visitors can quickly and easily access the information they require – with a single click of the mouse. Provide plenty of options to click throughout your website, leading your visitors from one page to the next.
Don’t give your visitors a reason to seek out another easier website. Keep them there and convert them.

4.      Mobile Optimised

Internet usage on mobile phones and tablets is higher than ever meaning it’s more important than ever that your website is mobile optimised. Imagine entering a shop with stalls in the walkway and signs upside down – not a welcoming experience. And it’s exactly like this when a visitor turns up to a website that’s simply not usable on mobile.
Your visitors won’t stick around to read your content if they have to constantly zoom in and out or scroll from one side to the other. And neither will they bother clicking through your website pages if the links are only just big enough to be clicked by a spider’s leg.
It really is worth investing a little more to mobile optimise your website.

5.      Access to Your Content

Keep giving your visitors reasons to stay on your website by making your content accessible from every page. If a visitor lands on your homepage, can they easily get to your blog? Or, if they’re at your blog, is it just a click away to your services? Whatever page your visitors land on, make sure they can get to your others without having to look.
The best way to ensure access from everywhere is by including everything on your website in the navigation bar. And if your pages are relatively long, make sure there are links at the end of the content to lead them elsewhere on your site.
Taking these steps to improve your website will pay off in conversions. Just remember, content may be king but readability is queen – and what good is a king without his queen?
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