The Power Of Remarketing

Digital remarketing, also known as retargeting, is one of the most powerful tools anyone can have in their digital marketing strategy; yet there is still some resistance to using this method of converting leads into sales. Some critics of this spectacularly successful strategy claim that remarketing is intrusive, but results suggest that it is regarded by consumers as quite the opposite.
Google suggest that 90% of visitors to product websites move on without completing a purchase. The reasons for this will be various, but some may be that the product’s home page did not provide sufficient information, or lost the viewer’s interest too quickly. Remarketing addresses the reasons for potential customers not completing purchase on initial visit. Repeated exposure to advertising material, based on the viewer’s previous browsing habits, often results in customers making a purchase.

Remarketing advertisements are not unwanted as they relate to something that a potential customer has previously viewed. They are very much custom-created to fit in with an individual’s browsing habits and shopping preferences, and are therefore often more welcome than some would anticipate. The repetition of advertising about a product helps the potential customer to become familiar with it over time, thus decreasing the concern often associated with getting to know the unfamiliar. Some statistics suggest that viewers of remarketing are much more likely to convert to purchase after they have viewed remarketing material six times.

Remarketing is not just for converting potential customers to purchasers: it is a powerful tool in developing and maintaining long-lasting relationships that lead to further conversions. This will of course depend upon the products being marketed. An example of how remarketing can generate ongoing business would be in the mobile ‘phone or laptop computer fields. Consumers are unlikely to buy several laptops or ‘phones in the same year, but they may well want to purchase accessories. Remarketing can generate those purchases by targeting previous customers with appropriate products. This technique is RLSA – remarketing lists for search ads. This drops created advertising material front of previous customers as they browse. Because they have already purchased from the provider, they will be more likely to purchase related products from the same marketer.

Remarketing is taking the lead in generating conversions in the world of digital marketing, and must surely be a part of everyone’s digital marketing package.


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