The Beginner’s Guide to Link Building

Link Building Focus

When it comes to securing a prime search engine spot, building a portfolio of authoritative backlinks is key. Matt Cutts, director of Google’s webspam team, has frequently stated that Google uses backlinks to assess the quality (and value) of individual websites. We take a thorough look at the SEO art of link building

Link Building

The basics

Put simply, link building involves the owner of another website posting hyperlinks to your products or content. The quality of the site which links to your own has a direct impact on Google’s understanding of your online value and worth. To illustrate: a hyperlink to your website from CNET (or a major news organisation) is much more valuable than a link originating from an unknown blog or an online directory.

Why are backlinks soimportant?

When assigning page rank Google’s search engine algorithm takes into account the number of backlinks pointing to your website. In Google’s eyes, every link to your website from another leading site is a vote of confidence; evidence that the information you provide is highly favoured and effective.

How to build backlinks

When looking for backlink opportunities, it is vital that you identify specific aspects of your business that would be of interest to third parties. Perhaps you stock a number of unique products that another online business would be interested in linking to, or maybe you run a company blog which is full of useful and relevant information. In either case, you’ll need to identify what it is about your company that sets you apart. It is then a matter of contacting other online companies in your field and encouraging them to include links to your content on their site.

It can be difficult to get another company to link to your content, but, fortunately, there are some things you can do to improve your chances. Firstly, there are certain types of content which are more popular than others when it comes to gaining backlinks. Incredibly detailed articles, with illustrated examples are often popular, as are controversial and contemporary posts.

To get another online company to link to your content, you could also locate all of the relevant contact information and send a thoughtfully crafted email within which you outline the benefits of your content (or products.) When writing your email, you should avoid using marketing language and refer, instead, to the genuine worth and value of your content. Remember; you’re trying to arouse interest in your company so it is vital that you don’t come across as a disinterested spammer.


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