Pinterest Place Pins

Pinterest image boards are a fun way to share and keep a record of travel experiences but now ‘Pinners’ can transform their holiday snaps into something even more impressive. The new Pinterest Place Pins feature enables users to specify the location of their images and add a map to their boards, to create a more visual overview of the places and sights they’ve visited.
For aspiring travellers or Pinners planning trips, the map can be used to pin places they’d like to visit and sights they’d like to see. Pinterest has also introduced direct sending so users can share their travel inspiration with friends. In fact, anybody can get some fun out of the feature. Friends can use boards to plan local places to go on weekends or to send a list of great ideas to a visiting relative.
Multiple users can contribute to one board so groups can build their map together or add the map feature to any of their previously shared boards. The feature is also accessible on smartphones so anybody can get their travel inspiration hit, get directions or pin images of locations on the go.
Place pins include extra information such as the address and phone number of the image location so users can easily pull up a pin and use it to find what they need. We’re sure it won’t be long before this feature is tapped into by businesses all over the world, to be followed by promotions and competitions.
Pinterest’s move is in reaction to the popularity of travel images across the social channel. Every day, 750 million images are pinned of 1.5 million different places all around the world.
Check out Visit Britain and Fest 300 on Pinterest to see the new board layout or get started with your own map!


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