Maximising your Facebook Reach

Many businesses have turned to social media marketing for their brands to get noticed. To be particular, Facebook offers target audience of different ages, making it more popular among all social media platforms. However, how to maximise Facebook reach is still a puzzle to most businesses. A huge number of Facebook reach for businesses means a brand is getting noticed, therefore an increase in the success of the business.

Most people are stranded on whether to rely on organic reach or pay for Facebook ads for their posts and pages. Well, here’s the answer, organic reach is not as effective as it used to be some years back. If you rely only on organic reach to boost your posts, then they will remain stagnant. There are different ways of incorporating the organic reach and paid ads to make your posts reach more and more people on Facebook.

How to Maximise your Facebook Reach

Use Original Facebook Content 

Rather than sharing content from external links, it is more preferable if you created your own content on all your Facebook posts. Original content created on Facebook will reach more people than content shared from external sources such as YouTube and any external sites. Easy ways of creating original Facebook content is by:
• Sharing content from other Facebook pages, instead of sharing content from external sources.
• Rather than embedding video links from external sites such as Youtube and Vimeo, it would be better if you uploaded the videos to Facebook yourself. That way, people interested in watching the videos won’t have to leave Facebook to other sites to watch the video.
• Create your own posts and include your own uploaded photos on Facebook, rather than posting links to other sites.

Optimise your Facebook Content to Capture Attention and Trigger Shares 

Every successful post on Facebook is measured by the number of people it has reached. By using the Facebook analytics on your page, it is easy to see the performance of each post you create. You will see which post gained a lot of attention and got more people sharing it. After viewing the analytics, you can, therefore, decide to create many such captivating posts that will reach more people. The posts should be able to excite people to share them on their Facebook walls and pages. Each shared post gives you more and more reach.

Here are other ways you can get your posts to attract attention as well as get shared:

• Create original videos and engage your fans in more live video sessions. People will see your originality in the videos, and they would want to share your videos.
• Repost most of your posts that have received a lot of attention. Revisit your most popular videos, then repost them. Most people who did not have the chance to see the posts before will now see them, and they may even share them too.
• It is important to also tag any relevant pages to your posts. The tags will draw so much attention to your posts.

However, when creating marketing posts to advertise your business, do not bore your followers with too much call to action. Just create one promotional post with a call to action, then create other relevant posts to entertain and educate your fans. That way, people will be glued to your interesting posts; commenting and sharing them, thus giving you popularity.

Allow your Posts to Gain Organic Reach before Paying to Advertise

Another way of getting your posts to reach many people is by promoting them through paid ads. Facebook paid ads reach a specific target audience according to the specifications you add when creating the promotion. Before you even think of promoting any of your Facebook posts, give the posts time to gain organic reach, at least one day.

You can gain the organic traffic from your fans on Facebook and from your site as well. If you include your Facebook posts on your website, you will help direct the traffic on your site to your Facebook page, therefore increasing your reach.

The organic reach you get on the post you wish to promote, will help attract the attention of your target audience. They will be interested in your posts when they see the number of people who have commented on your posts and the number of shares the post has.

Customise your ads to reach your Target Audience 

If you decide to promote your posts using the paid ads on Facebook, ensure that you get the most out of the ad. Customize the ads as much as possible to reach your targeted audience. Here is a guide on how to choose the right audience for your ads to be more effective.
• Choose the right demographic for your ads. You can further specify the age and the gender of your target audience.
• You can target a group of people who have previously converted to posted ads.
• You can also target your audience by their life events on their Facebook statuses.
• Also, choose people of a certain location or even local events in certain places.
Facebook allows you to customise your ads as much as possible, to meet your target audience. By narrowing down your ads options, you have a chance of reaching more people.

Choose the Right Time to Create your Posts

The right timing is crucial to maximizing your reach on Facebook. When you identify the right time to post, that is, when your fans are most active on Facebook, you are guaranteed to reach quite a significant number of people. To know the right time to post, check your previous popular posts analytics to see the exact time people engaged in your posts. That way, you will know when your posts find more people on Facebook.

In case you have no popular posts, you can guess the right time to create your posts. You can also use the right timing to boost your posts on Facebook ads. That will guarantee you a maximum reach on Facebook.


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