A Guide to Last-Minute Christmas Social Media Campaigns

canstockphoto7493198With the convenience and ubiquity of social media, marketers are able to transfer ideas instantly to the eyes of a business’ followers. Although some may have rolled out their Christmas social media campaigns months ago, it is not too late.
In this post we consider some of the best ways to inject a little holiday spirit into your social media just in time for the big day.

1. Promote Events & Offers

Lots of exciting things are sure to happen during the festive season, whether it’s a lights turn-on, Christmas party or gift sale incorporating it into your social media is great for promoting your event or offer to your followers. Adding images to your promotional posts will enable the readers to get as excited about it as you.
Posting holiday-related updates on any of your channels will expand your Christmas social media campaign. Try working to the strengths of each of the platforms – if you have some nice images of your Christmas tree use Instagram, if you’d like to show off your light display how about Vine, Youtube or Twitter?

2. Inspire Your Followers

With Christmas being one of the biggest holidays in the western world, writing blog posts and incorporating updates that inspire your followers canstockphoto14766616will really top up your engagement figures. As most social media users respond better to visual content, share images that relate to the industry you work in – from beauty, to transport, to travel – and graphics that inspire potential customers to want to get involved with what you have to offer. Pinterest is perfect for this kind of strategy as all content generated on the site is visual.
With the New Year only days away from the Christmas festivities, why not allow yourself time to promote any potential trends for the year?

3. Have Fun!

In the words of Andy Williams, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, remember that when you’re updating your Christmas social media campaign. Adding hints of Christmas to your existing sites in the form of new profile pictures and banners will really inject that little bit of holiday spirit and coincide with any fun updates you’re planning on posting.

4. Integrate User-Generated Content

One of the biggest rules for social media marketing is not to overdo it. A combination of promotional posts relevant to your company’s products or services as well as fun and engaging posts will stop followers from getting bored, and ultimately, unfollowing you.
canstockphoto16713355As engagement fits perfectly into the spirit of the season, why not ask questions to your followers – What are their favourite cracker jokes? Do they have any turkey cooking tips? How have they decorated their houses this year? Getting involved with your existing and potential customers will keep you memorable.
Alongside these kinds of questions, why not open photo contests? Very popular at this time of year, you are able to gain knowledge of your customers’ tastes as well as a substantial following.

5. Schedule Your ‘Merry Christmases’

No one wants to spend Christmas day writing a festive messages to their followers when they could be unwrapping their presents. Nobody expects a brand to be particularly active on the big day but scheduling a message of goodwill, whether on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn will enable you to keep your customer’s minds on your company while they plan their January sales shopping.

To “Wrap” Up…

Spreading the cheer over the festive period with fun as well as relevant updates is the best way to reward your customers and build a better following for the New Year. Getting others involved in the content that you generate will also endorse your brand and show them that you really care.

Do you have any tips for great Christmas social media campaigns? Please leave your comments below…


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