How to Get More Likes on Facebook

how to get more likes on FacebookThe end of 2013 might have saw claims that Facebook is ‘dying’ and that newer social media such as Snapchat and Whatsapp are becoming all the more popular. Yet, what all this talk actually suggests is that Facebook is simply facing a little more competition than it’s used to and might have become a little less ‘cool’ in the minds of some younger users.
The studies behind this ‘talk’ showed that just a small percentage of younger age groups have left the network and that Facebook is still the no. 1 social network among teens in 30 out of 32 countries. Plus, even if Facebook is losing a little of its younger audience, it is gaining in its older, with the percentage of users aged 55-64 rising from 39% to 45% in 2013.
Besides these stats, it cannot be ignored that more than 500 million people are still using Facebook, with half of that amount logging in everyday, meaning that the network remains firmly in its position as the number one social network and as the second most popular website in the world. Our good old friend ‘Facey-b’ certainly isn’t ready to be written-off as a has-been and neither is your Facebook marketing. Here are 5 tips to help you get more likes on Facebook and boost the results of your business page as we enter the New Year.

How to Get More Likes on Facebook

1.       Spruce up your Profile
Can you remember the last time you took a good look at your Facebook page? If the ‘Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’ banner is still up then you’re in trouble. Even worse, if you’re displaying a Happy Halloween banner then that needs shot of too. Make sure you keep on top of the look of your profile and regularly check that all your information is correct. Are you still located at that address and are you at the other end of that phone number or will your potential customers reach a dead line? It can be easy to forget the content of your profile when you’re busy concentrating on building an audience and driving engagement results, yet take the time to check your profile and it will pay off.
Besides this, ensure that your profile is full to the brim with all of the information that Facebook gives you the opportunity to include. Provide a catchy description that will catch the attention of your visitors, feature under the correct category and insert all of your relevant details such as address, phone number and opening hours. Not only will this help your viewers to discover exactly what you’re about, but it will help Facebook to show you in the most relevant user searches. Finally, to give your profile the professional edge, include a relevant, attractive banner and profile picture and ensure that your branding is consistent in both areas.
The more well-kept your page then the more attractive and credible your brand will appear to your visitors, increasing your chances of getting a ‘like’!
2.       Ask Around

how to get more likes on FacebookDon’t be afraid to ask your colleagues, business associates, friends and even customers to like your page.  There is nothing wrong with reaching out for support from those that know your business and know its worth. You can simply ask at the end of emails, send out a special email request or invite these people to like your page via Facebook. Promoting your page across other social media channels or asking for likes in return for a freebie can also prove effective.
3.       Use Social Plugins
Make it easy for your audience to ‘like’ your page directly from your website or your blog by adding Facebook Social Plugins. You can choose to show your recent posts or simply include a ‘like’ button and your number of fans.
4.       Tailor Posts to your Audience’s Interests

A tool that was introduced in January 2013 and is yet still widely under-used by marketers is Facebook Graph Search. With Graph Search you can discover the prevalent interests of your audience and of the audiences of other pages that market a product or service similar to yours. For example, if you were a Coffee Shop in Cardiff you could search ‘Favourite interests of people who like coffee and live in Cardiff” and Facebook might tell you that these people also like photography, Italian food and shopping.
Thus, you can tailor the content that you share to better-interest your audience and stimulate more engagement. More engagement means more of your content will show up in the news feed of your audience, to show in front of their friends and give you a better chance of attracting more likes.
5.       Run Facebook Ads
Using Facebook ads, you can promote your Facebook page or one of your posts to show to a much larger reach. Facebook enables you to fine-tune your audience by giving you the option to select interests, ages and locations to target your ad and you can also use Graph Search beforehand to decide which options will help you to target your ad most effectively. As such, you can get your content shown in front of a relevant audience and in turn drive more traffic and more likes to your Facebook page – you can even set these ads to allow users to like your page directly.
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