How to Gain Clients through LinkedIn?

Ever wondered how to gain more clients through LinkedIn? We have put together our top tips below.


You Should Check the “People Also Viewed”

If you want to clone your best customers, use the sidebar called “People Also Viewed”. Visit one of your biggest prospects or customers, then look to your right. The box called “People Also Viewed” shows other users who are similar to your connections. You have just turned one prospect into many.

Investigate the Networks of Your competitors

Selling to a competitor’s customer is usually easier than sourcing a completely new prospect without any experience with the kind of product you are selling. You have probably formulated some compelling reasons as to why their clients have to transition to your offering; they have clearly realised the need for buying your type of product. Now what you need is to have a customer list. Fortunately, other members of LinkedIn are searchable, including those of rival salespeople. They are likely connected with their customers and prospects, thus examine carefully their networks having your prospecting hat on.

Reach out to Prospects Who Are in New Roles

Changing jobs is known to be one of the most powerful trigger events in sales. Whenever someone has taken on a new role, they’re more open to shaking up things with a new service or product purchase. Swooping at the right time can make you get a new customer.

If you want to determine your connections who have joined a new company recently, you have to click the button named “Keep in Touch”, which you can find under the “Connections” tab. You can add some prospects who are new to your list, but you have to ensure that you reach out sooner instead of later.

Craft Your Message Carefully

After you have identified the person you would like to connect with, you should carefully tailor your communication. Typically, a good first impression with your LinkedIn prospects will certainly leave them interested in the services you offer plus a willingness to go on communicating with you. Approach your prospects with a request for connection naturally. You should always start by greeting your prospects by name. Be clear and succinct in your body paragraph. Make sure you give them a reason that will make them click the Accept button.

To avoid getting flagged as spam, personalise your connection request. If you are flagged too often, you will have to add email addresses to all the connection requests that you send.

Build the Relationship

After your connection request has been accepted, you should develop the relationship by sustaining communication. To build buyers credibility and confidence, offer your prospect something that has value. This can be in the form of a useful article, eBook or any other free download. No matter what it is, make sure that it’s of clear value so that it is not dismissed as self-serving or spam.

Depending on the social selling strategy that you use, you can send your prospect a follow-up message over the following few weeks. You can use the LinkedIn Contacts feature to set up reminders. Remember the content of the messages can vary, but never include sales materials.

The “Your Day” feature shows job change, business anniversaries and birthdays of all the contacts in your account. This makes staying up to date on the activities of your contacts on LinkedIn easy. Use that information to facilitate your relationships by commenting directly with a personal message or from the feature called “Your Day”.

Scroll Through Skill Endorsements

Most people attract others who are like themselves; sometimes those other will dish out praise. This is also the same to the technique of “People Also Viewed”; scroll down to the Skills section of great prospect or customer and check out who has endorsed them.

Move Online Your Connections to Offline Conversations

You should eventually move all the contacts you have classified as prospects further to a business relationship. Move off the LinkedIn platform to an offline conversation through in person or phone.

Think about moving off the relationship offline when a contact responds to any of the relationship-building messages you sent them. If there is no response after 1-2 attempts, you should consider sending another last message that briefly explains how you are capable of solving their problem. Everybody online has a problem they want to solve; if you tap into that and then provide a solution, you will convert sales from LinkedIn.

You should also group prospects who are unresponsive under a tag for contacts who are dormant. You can go on reaching out to those prospects through “Your Day” feature and also by actively contributing to the common groups that they’re members of.



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