Why Should You Guest Blog?

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With SEO a bigger driving force than ever in website development, guest blogging has become a great way to get your blog visible amongst the sea of similar sites. Whether you blog about beauty, healthcare, holidays, finance or vehicle maintenance be sure that there are people out there who also share a similar interest.
In this post we discuss the best ways to make the most out of guest blogging and how it can help your brand.

1. What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is all about spreading your knowledge about a certain subject into other areas of your target market to build a reputation and increase your website’s reach. Used frequently amongst small businesses, guest blogging is all about getting in touch with other businesses that maintain a blog and offering to supply them with one or even multiple blog posts for free. Your only condition is that you request a link back to your own blog. Sure, you won’t get any money back, but by sharing your knowledge about a topic you can easily gain more engagement and further reach as their readers also become yours.

2. Why Should You Guest Blog?Pen (fountain)

By writing a guest blog for another business, you can increase the scope of your branding as you gain new readers. With regular blogging spots on this website link-bakcs will allow their readers to become regular readers of your blog too. See? Win, win! And it’s free advertising!

3. It’s All About Networking.

To begin guest-blogging you must interact with people who work in the same industry as you and therefore have a common knowledge about your subject. Free tools such as Google Blog Search will help you find bloggers that tackle similar subjects and is a handy way to research your competitors.
Once you’ve found your perfect blog, try connecting with them on Twitter. Engage with them personally, whether you choose to do it by retweeting some of their content or creating a dialogue about something they’ve discussed. Once you’ve talked, send them an email with a suggestion of what you could write about for them and how it will help. People are usually really happy to receive free content for their blogs, so as long as your content is top-notch, you’ll have nothing to worry about!Shaking Hands

4. Follow Up!

Guest blogging usually involves a lot more than one post and free promotion. Once you’ve been published on their site, find out whether they would like to reciprocate and get some free advertising on your blog. Learn to stay vigilant with your engagement, tracking any comments or questions from readers. Reply to every reader. Build your reputation as a communicator as well as a knowledgeable individual and be sure to thank the site owner personally.

What is your experience with guest blogging? How do you use it to your advantage? Please leave your comments below…


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