5 Ways to Generate Leads on Twitter

With 310 million monthly users, Twitter is the second most popular social network online. Every day, an average of 58 million tweets are sent out and 135,000 new users sign up, and all this activity poses a lot of potential for marketing. But how can you tap into this hub of information to build a following and generate leads? Find out in this article as we look at using Twitter to sift through and hone in on prospects for your business.

generate leads on twitter

1.       Keywords and Hashtags

One way to seek out your target audience is with keywords and hashtags. Make a list of all the keywords and hashtags related to your business, your products/services and those of your competitors. Then punch these into Twitter search.
Your results will be a combination of twitter users who are interested in these keywords, or have used these keywords and hashtags. Engage with the prospects you think may be interested in you by favouriting or retweeting their content, mentioning them or following them.
And make sure you make the most of Twitter’s advanced search to really narrow down your options and focus in on more promising prospects. You can refine your search in a number of ways, including by location, date, for exact phrases, specifically for tweets with questions and so on.
When you find people who could be prospects, you should also check out their followers. They might have the same interests and could be of value to you.

2.       Off-topic Tweets

People often tweet to express their motivations, lifestyles, likes, desires and aspirations. And this means you get a free heap of information about your potential customers. You can avoid costly market research and instead use Twitter to gain some valuable insights about your audience.
When you search for your relevant hashtags and keywords don’t just pay attention to the results which relate to these terms but also look into the other topics that your prospects tweet about. The better you know your audience outside of what you offer then the better you can tailor your content.
You may even find there’s a trend between the hashtags your followers use and their common preferences or lifestyle goals. The more fully you can understand your market’s demographics then the more effectively you can reach them.

3.       Contests

By setting up a contest on Twitter, you can gain much more than brand awareness and engagement. Campaigns like this are ideal for gaining further insight into your audience demographics and converting your prospects into leads.
Set up a contest that involves collecting useful data from your audience. To give an incentive, offer a prize in the form of free content, a discount or something of the sort in return for their participation. By doing so, you’ll also help to attract people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.
Another idea is to ask for an email in return for your prize. This way, you can build a list directly from the social platform, and again, people who are willing to share this information will be genuinely interested in your offering.

4.       Share Clickable Content

Questions, quotes and trivia are some of the most shared tweets on Twitter. Quotes can inspire the feeling of ‘me too’, resulting in click-throughs and retweets. And quotes needn’t be from famous people – you can make up your own and they’ll be just as effective. You could also highlight favourite quotes from your latest article or eBook.
Questions provoke engagement as they give your audience a chance to express their opinions. Tweet relevant and/or topical questions, or tweet the questions you get asked most by your customers then provide a link to the answer on your website.
Trivia also works well as it can provide a sneak peak into your content and encourage the user to click through for more. Whether you’re linking to a new blog post, a video or information about your event, tweet some information related to the topic.
To help convert those that engage into leads, you could also ask for an email in return for access to the free content.

5.       Use Twitter Cards

Twitter cards allow you to write up to 200 characters of description, add images, videos and various other content, to make more of an impression in feed. To use these cards you either need to add code to your website or set up an advertising account with Twitter. Find out more about what Twitter cards are here.
There are many different types of Twitter cards and they can be really helpful in providing your audience with more information and converting your prospects into leads.
With the product card you can include a title, description and thumbnail image along with important details such as location, price and availability. You can also include links to the product’s twitter and website.
The lead generation card is great when you’re specifically looking to collect email addresses. You can use these to ask your audience to ‘sign up’ for an offer, discount or free content and will then receive the email address associated with their twitter account in return. Again, the better the offer then the more likely you are to receive more clicks and more email addresses.


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