Enhance Your SEO With Google+

With studies showing that Google+ is having an increasing impact on the SEO value of websites then there’s no better time to start improving your brand’s presence on the network. Other social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are largely closed off to Google’s spiders by security restrictions and data protection. Yet, Google can easily access, crawl and index the content that is shared on the network they have built and own.
enhance your seo with google+
This means Google can ‘see’ the content on Google+, just as they can on any other open website, and can take note of the links, to pass value to websites and reward their PageRank. Brands that gain an authority on the network, by sharing quality content and getting a whole host of engagement could see their website climbing the search rankings as a result.
So how can you take advantage of the SEO value that Google+ has on offer? Take these 5 tips as a starting point…
1.    Fully Complete Your Profile
Before you go ahead with sharing content and building an audience, make sure your profile is fully complete. Your profile information helps Google determine your rank in Google+ search results so complete each section in as much detail as you can. The more relevant information you can provide to Google then the more of a credible candidate you become to rank for your keywords.
Ensure you can be found by your audience.
2.    Share Share-worthy Content
As we have heard time and time again, quality content is a major factor in SEO. Share unique, relevant and interesting content that will encourage your audience to engage with a click, a comment, a +1 or a re-share. Take a friendly and approachable tone, ask questions and include calls to action. If your content is shareable then you can start generating organic links that point to your brand, across the network.
Attract natural links to show Google your authority and credibility on the network.
3.    Make Your Content Easily Shareable
Your content is likely to appear in more places than just your Google+, such as on your blog or on other blogs that you contribute to. Make sure you include social sharing buttons on these platforms, so your audience can easily re-share the content to their Google+ profile. In turn, you attract more natural links.
Make your content shareable from any platform.
4.    Share Posts with Public

enhance your seo with google+

When you share a post, choose the option to share with ‘public’ rather than just your circles. This way, your post can show up in search results for its relevant keywords. Your brand gets more exposure and you improve your reach on the network.
Go public to improve your reach.
5.    Contribute to Communities
Join communities that are relevant to your business sector, your expertise or your target audience. Post your content in these communities and contribute to discussions, to improve your reach and your chances of generating engagement and re-shares.
Expose your content in communities to gain more engagement.
Is the network’s potential SEO value and its status as the second most popular social platform
still not enough to tempt you into its realms? Then remember that the platform is owned by the search engine you want to rank your website. Get in with Google and who knows, Google might get in with you…


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