Deciphering LinkedIn Showcase Pages

LinkedIn Company Pages are powerful platforms for B2Bs and B2Cs to market what they offer. And with the introduction of Showcase Pages earlier this year, brands can now tailor their communications on the network much more effectively. In this post we look at what Showcase Pages are, what they include and how to use them.

showcase pages

But first…What is a LinkedIn Company Page?

A LinkedIn Company Page works similar to a business page or profile on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It’s a social media platform to post content, attract followers, build relationships and connect with your target audience. On a LinkedIn Company Page, you can also include information about your company, your products and your services besides links to your website and contact details.

So What is a LinkedIn Showcase Page?

Before LinkedIn introduced Showcase Pages in April of this year (2014), Company Pages included the option to add Products and Services tabs. These tabs would show up in the sidebar of the Company Page and when clicked, would display more information about each specific offering.
Showcase pages have now taken on this role. Yet, they work differently, almost like Company Pages:

  • You can post updates to Showcase Pages
  • People can ‘follow’ Showcase Pages
  • Showcase Pages can be found in search

Microsoft were one of the first companies to use Showcase Pages for their various product offerings:

showcase pagesAnd although Showcase Pages are directly connected to Company pages, they do not share followers or updates from their Company Page.

Each new Showcase page essentially works as a whole new platform of opportunity. Using this feature, brands can tailor their communications for each of their products and services and gain a separate following for each page. This is especially effective for businesses that have a wide range of different offerings that may not all be of interest to the same audience.

Setting up Showcase Pages

As showcase pages are relatively new, many companies haven’t even begun to explore using them. But ignore them and you’re wasting an opportunity to make a more targeted connection with your audience. To help you get started, here’s our best practices for setting up showcase pages:

  • Title

Every Showcase Page on LinkedIn must have a unique title. This means that even though lots of companies sell, for example, Property Conveyancing services, as soon as this title has been taken for a Showcase Page then no other Company Page may create a Showcase Page with that title. The easiest way to get around this is to include both the name of your product or service and the name of your company in your title.
An example would be: ‘Property Conveyancing Services | Daniel Pierce Solicitors’.

  • Description

On each showcase page you must include a description. Yet, as this is limited to 200 characters in length, you need to think carefully about what you write. Use the space wisely and ensure that you include the following:

  • What your product or service is
  • A benefit of your product or service

A preview of edit mode:

showcase pages

  • Website URL

As Showcase Pages don’t include a section for contact information, entering your website URL is very important. And even more importantly, this URL should be specific to the product or service offering of the particular Showcase Page. So, if your Showcase Page is about Property Conveyancing then it should link to the relevant Property Conveyancing page on your website. Remember that Showcase Pages are about honing in on each of your offerings – send people who are interested in your Showcase Page to the place they’d be interested in on your website.

  • Images

You are required to upload an image of your logo and a cover photo (also known as a hero photo) to your Showcase Page. If you don’t have a specific logo for your product/service then use your company logo. And think carefully about your cover photo – make sure it captures exactly what your page is about. As you’re limited to 200 characters in your description, you could also add some copy to your cover photo.
The measurements for each of these images are as follows:

  • Cover Photo (974×330 pixels) JPEG, PNG or GIF. Maximum file size 2MB.
  • Logo & smaller size to sit beside updates (100 x 60 pixels and 50 x 50 pixels)

Further points to note:

  • You can build 10 Showcase Pages per company page
  • You can build a maximum of 2 Showcases Pages per day

Managing Showcase Pages

If you set up a LinkedIn Company Page and 10 showcase pages then you essentially have 11 social media platforms to manage. This means you’ll need to build an audience for each page – not an easy task.
showcase pages
But the best way to get around this is to stay true to the specifics of each of your Showcase Pages. This means if you have a page about orange juice then you should tailor the updates to suit an orange juice theme and to suit what your audience would expect from an orange juice page. In comparison, if another of your pages was about lemon juice then you should include updates tailored to that specific product and theme.
The better you can tailor the content of each Showcase page to each separate audience of followers then the better results you’ll get. Harness showcase pages for the targeted and dynamic experience that they provide to really show-off your specific offerings and attract a relevant audience for each.


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