Stay Current with Content Marketing

content marketingWith so much content being churned out every day, content marketers have quite a task to keep things current. Even if you think up an idea without the help of Google or any other research, the chances are that it’s been covered before by someone, in some way. And so thinking outside of the box can be pretty difficult when the space is already crowded.
But there are ways to stay ahead of the pack and stand out from the competition. And fundamental to staying current is looking to the future. In this article we consider 5 actions you can take to keep up and stay relevant to the now with your content marketing.

1.      Optimise for Mobile

As mobile use is only on the increase, optimising online content for mobile viewing is crucial.  In fact, according to Compendium, more than 22% of blog visits are from a tablet or mobile and yet, mobile website visitors have an almost 10% higher bounce rate than those who visit on desktop. What these two stats suggest is that there is a gap between mobile viewing demand and mobile viewing satisfaction.
Therefore, if your content marketing strategy is only built for desktop then you could be ignoring a very large chunk of your audience and losing visitors as a result. Adopting content for mobile is the way forward to getting better results from content marketing and standing out from your competitors.
And as mobile viewers have a lot less patience and a much smaller screen size, optimising for mobile viewing isn’t necessarily just about changing its layout. Consider creating short forms of your content, such as shorter articles, shorter videos and smaller infographics, specifically for mobile viewing. Essentially, compress your content to take up less of your viewer’s time but provide the same level of satisfaction.

2.      Long-form for Thought Leadership

content marketingSomething that many content marketers fail to realise is that there isn’t a one shoe fits all model. And a prime example of where content marketing strategy should differ is between B2B and B2C brands. Whereas short and bite-sized content works well for B2C, B2B content marketing demands much bigger, longer or larger scale content that is driven by thought leadership.

As the amount of content out there has grown at such a speed, there is no longer an easy way to stand out amongst B2Bs with the average 500 words rehashed blog post. It’s now crucial that content marketers for B2B aim to create content that speaks louder than the rest.
Consider writing in-depth and well-researched articles backed up with genuine references that surpass 2000 words. Or, try something different from your competitors, by creating an original infographic, a video or a mini website.

3.      Go Big or Go Home

For content to succeed in today’s saturated environment, marketers need to think big and spend big. Rich media content still works better than any other to create engagement and bring in results. To really pull your brand out of the gaggle, think videos, interactive features and gamification and use your less-expensive content marketing to drive your audience to your central attraction.

4.      Curate and Repurpose content marketing

Curating and repurposing old content is a great technique that’s going underused. But don’t mistake repurposing for rehashing as what it actually involves is completely changing how that content is delivered to an audience.
A great idea is to take ideas from a long article or whitepaper and to break them down into smaller bite-sized chunks. These chunks could be in the form of videos, infographics, blog posts and social media updates and they could even be released in a series.
Repurposing is also a great way to showcase your old content – just because it’s been done in the past doesn’t mean it isn’t still valuable. Promote your ideas in a different way to catch fresh attention from your audience.

5.      Think Like a Journalist

content marketingKnowing who your audience are and what captures their attention are both crucial to content marketing but knowing how to create content that succeeds to do so is a more refined skill altogether. Content marketers need to think more like journalists to not only find stories but to tell them in compelling ways.

Aim to inject storytelling into your content to draw more engagement from your viewers and keep them wanting more.
Have any other ideas for keeping content current? Please share your comments below…


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