Convert Social Media Fans to Site Visitors

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the other social network giants are great platforms for engaging with your audience and raising the profile of your brand. But to get some measureable results from your liking, tweeting and discussions you need to divert your followers elsewhere. That elsewhere is your website.
Certainly, fun facts, quotes, videos and links to interesting information are the vital ingredients of any social media campaign but this content shouldn’t replace or obscure the aim to get more visitors to your website. And neither is the way around this linking to your homepage in every post. Here are 5 tips to help you step-up your social media and convert more of your fans into website visitors.

convert your social media fans into website visitors

How to Convert Your Social Media Fans into Website Visitors

1.       Send your fans to the right place

More often than not companies will provide a link to their website homepage in their social media profile by default. And although this seems the ideal option, it isn’t always for the best. If your homepage is cluttered with a whole array of different things, it could bounce visitors straight away. A better idea is to link to a more valuable page that can hold the engagement of visitors for longer.
For example, linking to your website’s blog is a good idea as here your visitors can find more of the great content they find on your social media profile. Or, you could link to a squeeze page offering a discount, a free consultation or some other form of value in return for an email address.

2.       Engage with your followers personally

Take a personal touch when you engage with your fans on social media. Finishing every comment with ‘Check out our website’ is dull and doesn’t give a valid reason for your fans to visit. Instead, try asking people for their opinion on a blog post, for their help with a poll or give them directions to exactly what they’re looking for on your website.
Ask questions, get involved in discussions and chat like a human being rather than a robot shooting out links at every opportunity.

3.       Make your content easy to share

When your fans like, retweet or comment on your posts then your content could get shown in the feeds of their friends but get your fans to share your stuff and you’ll get even more of a chance. Add sharing buttons to your blog posts and on any other platform where you publish content to make it extra easy for your fans to go the extra mile.
A wider reach will result in more website visitors.

4.       Make your content visually engaging

Social media platforms are designed for rapid scrolling on any device. Text-only posts easily blend in with the other mass of content and could be missed altogether. In contrast, visual content is much more eye-catching. Ensure that most of your posts include photos or videos to increase your social media appeal.
You should also accompany your visual posts with a link to your website. This link should be relevant – either directing to the associated blog post or similar content. Take advantage of your audience’s interest and direct them to a place they can find more.

5.       Get quality domain hosting

Your social media marketing efforts will go to waste if your site is down or experiencing errors. Therefore, it’s very important that you choose a reliable domain hosting service. Double-check that the company you’re considering can provide what they offer by reading comprehensive online reviews and asking around for recommendations. It’s very important that your investment in online marketing is backed up by a reliable website.
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