Make the Most of Your Christmas SEO During the Festive Period

Christmas SEOWith Christmas just around the corner and the volume of retail enquiries due to double over the next few weeks, getting your SEO right is vital. With more people than ever using the internet to do their shopping and compare service prices, it’s time to make the most of your Christmas SEO.

1. Target Local Services

With an estimated one in five people doing all of their Christmas shopping online, targeting your local area may be the best option. Tweaking your PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns during the festive season is a great way of upping sales. Pausing your usual, year-round campaigns and opting instead for Christmas –themed ones. Think beyond your PPC; include holiday keywords on your website homepage and social media profiles. Use your adverts to endorse your promotions here and really show your products in the best way possible.

2. Get Creative with your Promotions

So Black Friday’s gone, Cyber Monday’s vanished; now it’s time for Christmas Offersserious sales-driven focus. Everybody loves a sale or a promotion so make a big deal of it. Why not create a give-away campaign or photo contest? Social media is brilliant for promoting any kind of service and works especially well with these engaging campaigns – try Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest on top of the usual Facebook and Twitter to gain a wider reach.

3. Hashtags all the Way!

Hashtags are always a great way of getting people engaged on social media – whether it’s through sharing content or getting involved with a conversation. Why not create a custom Christmas hashtag specific to your product or promotions? #MontythePenguin has already captured the hearts of the nation this year so why not give it a run for its money with a similarly memorable and exciting hashtag.

4. Up your Christmas Game

Make everything you do for the rest of the month as Christmassy as possible. Why not change your social media icons, banners, profile pictures and website headers? Go all out. Deck the halls and the pages with as many hats, bells and holly berries that you feel comfortable with. Adding specific Christmas-themed keywords to PPC adverts and Meta descriptions will make it easier for people to find your business during the festive season. You may sell gift sets all year round but during December target Christmas shoppers. Small things like this will not only add to your SEO but show your customers your Christmas spirit, enabling them to find you easily during searches.  

canstockphoto67105175. Think Multi-Device

Mobile and Tablet usage has sky-rocketed in recent years; above all make sure that your website is responsive to these devices. No one wants to be redirected to a webpage where you need to zoom out and move clumsily around the site, this might put individuals off actually purchasing your products or services.

To “Wrap” Up…

Injecting a little cheer into your Christmas SEO strategy will really boost visibility online. Targeting local areas, especially nearing the big day may be incredibly beneficial to companies due to postage or accessibility.


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