How to use Hashtags Effectively

21 Oct 2013

Hashtags are used to categorise messages by searchable keywords, but overuse can just as easily push people away. It’s as simple as placing a # directly before a word anywhere within a post, with no space between the symbol and the word. Users then search for hashtags to bring up every post that contains it. […]


2014: The Year of Social TV

18 Oct 2013

  2014 is set to be a big year for social TV – though it’s impact has taken longer than some expected. Social media will be able to support communication and social interaction regarding watching TV and anything linked to TV programmes. Social TV is bound to be targeted by TV related advertising, because one […]


What Youtube Can do for Your Business

28 Sep 2013

Anyone who has been on the Internet for any length of time is likely to have heard of or watched a video hosted by Youtube. Increasingly, and for good reason, companies and organisations are leveraging this tool to boost their business both on and offline. Their reasons are as many as the benefits. Let’s look […]


Image posting in Facebook comments

28 Jul 2013

Facebook has been making improvements to its interface again and its latest innovation is to allow you to post an image in any comment you make, adding an extra level of interactivity to discussions. This opens up a world of opportunity to businesses that use Facebook to promote themselves. Crafters could ask people to post […]


Facebook Marketing Tips

27 Jul 2013

Every business should use Facebook to get a piece of the market of over a billion users. Most businesses today use this social network to attract people to their Facebook fan pages. If you are considering this technique to widen your clientele base, you should start by posting promotional offers on your page. Although offering […]


Whats your Social Media Voice

15 Jul 2013

These days, social media is such a crucial part of promoting your business and brand that it is essential to develop the right tone of voice in order to capitalise on your marketing power. Social media such as blogs, Facebook and Twitter may well be the initial introduction of new customers to your business, and […]


Facebooks Introduction of Hashtags

09 Jul 2013

With the recent introduction of hashtags by Facebook, some will see this as a step into Twitter territory, whilst for others, it is an extra useful feature for Facebook users but what is it really for?If someone includes a hashtag in a post, anyone clicking that tag will see any public content available that relates […]


Instagram Video vs Vine

03 Jul 2013

  Well, it was sure to happen sooner or later, and Facebook are not exactly known for staying clear of others’ ideas; just think, the introduction of its use of hashtags, maps, chat and video services was not original.  So, with the success of Vine we could assume that Facebook may incorporate their idea into […]