How to Make your Email Marketing Remarkable

20 Oct 2014

With more than half of businesses achieving 10% of their sales through email marketing, the value of email to drive sales is sometimes overlooked by the distraction of newer technologies. In this article, we consider ways to achieve the best from your email marketing campaigns. 1. Easy Sign-Up No one likes a complicated sign-up process. […]


How to Grow Your Email Marketing List

12 Aug 2014

Even if your email marketing list is full to bursting point, it’s destined to lose numbers and value. This is down to a combination of factors which may include your contacts opting out of your communications, their email addresses changing or your contacts abandoning the address they used to sign up. Essentially, your email list […]


5 Fundamentals of Email Marketing

08 May 2014

Despite the surge in SEO and social media, one of the oldest tricks in the book – email marketing – is still alive and kicking. In fact, statistics gathered by Sign-up. To show that marketing emails sent by SMEs in 2013 received an average open-rate of 22.87%. When you compare this percentage to the increasingly […]


Google Links Google+ Contacts to Gmail

18 Jan 2014

In another move to integrate the Google+ network with its other services, Google has made the email addresses of all Google+ users available to Gmail users. This means that Google+ users need only type the name of their recipient to have access to their email and be able to send them a direct message through […]


The Benefits of Email Marketing

06 Oct 2013

When considering which tools are the most effective to place in your marketing plan, make sure email marketing is one of them. Here are 8 benefits of email marketing: 1. Low financial investment. 2. Global reach for little to no extra cost. 3. Ability to stay in touch with new and existing customers on a […]