Mobile marketing channel is essential

Figures release by the Office for National Statistics have shown so far this year 45% of UK Internet users have accessed the internet using a mobile phone.
Smartphones are now becoming the ultimate shopping companion tool, which is transforming the way sawy consumers shop online.
However, a staggering 83% of top UK companies do not have a mobile optimised website.
How can you take advantage of the mobile opportunity?
After many months of development and testing Pinnacle Internet Marketing has just launched a mobile website development platform that allows users with no technical knowledge to create an optimised mobile version of their website.
The system is very easy to use and has a fully integrated content management system (CMS) to allow users to update their websites as and when they require. It has many advanced features such as One click to Call & Email, Google Analytics integration, Full online browser based development and deployment tool.
It is not uncommon for users to create and deploy a mobile optimised version of their website within a few hours.


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