Benefits Of Using Google AdWords For Your Business


PPC (standing for “Pay Per Click”) is an advertising method that Google AdWords has taken to an elite level. Running for over 15 years, their platform for driving customers from Google search pages to advertiser’s websites has become a giant in online marketing. But perhaps you’re still wondering if it’s worth the budget spend? Here’s a quick taste of how your business could not only benefit, but thrive by exploiting the system’s powerful features.

Get specific
The AdWords system is geared to help you find your audience. If you want to maximize your ROI (Return on Investment), define who they are and what they want, then use these techniques to home in on them.

Geographic targeting
You can target a country, a city or draw a radius around any given point. You can exclude areas or bulk import a list of locations. Increase the likelihood of finding an interested audience by knowing that they are near by, looking for someone just like you.

Keyword targeting
Keyword matching can be broad (i.e. variations on a theme or synonyms) or more exact so that you can reign in your budget spend. Like with location targeting, you can also exclude terms if you find they are providing false positives, which helps you easily find your customer.

Marketing Objectives
Google can help you by asking what your end goal is. Choose a marketing objective from:

  • Build awareness – help spread the word about your brand.
  • Influence consideration – the customer is actively researching companies who have similar offerings, why choose you?
  • Drive action – encouraging the almighty conversion from visitor into customer

These will really help you focus on what you really want from this ad campaign. If you’re a small business with a limited budget, this is fantastic stuff.

Set your Cost Per Click (CPC), maximum daily spend and measure the results
My favourite thing about Google AdWords is that there are no nasty surprises. You can safely put forward an exact amount you wish to spend and there will be no runaway results. You can also easily measure what worked and what didn’t with their killer statistics reports that can link in with Google Analytics.

These features are just a taste of AdWords powerful system can do. There are plenty of sites devoted to in-depth tutorials. To find them, just Google!


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