A Beginner’s Guide to Twitter Analytics

Twitter bird

Twitter Analytics
is an excellent way of tracking how your information is being viewed and received by followers and potential customers. It will allow you to track which of your tweets is most successful and allow you to shape further posts to maximise interest in your products and services. As a beginner, there are some useful pointers worth noting when analysing your Twitter traffic.

Analysing the information

The Twitter analytics tab is available on your profile and settings tab (or via analytics.twitter.com), and once accessed, it presents you with an overview of your Twitter account activity for the previous 28 days.

Tweet count

The information gathered here is the amount of tweets published and when. Its usefulness for the beginner is to analyse the frequency of your posts and includes a percentage figure for you to see if you have tweeted more or less in the previous period.

Twitter impressions

Impressions differ from the tweet count in that it analyses how your tweets have been received and is a more important statistic as it generates data based on interaction or replies from other Twitter users. If you are promoting a service or brand, impressions offer a snapshot of how your tweets are being received which allows you to tailor further publications to suit your particular marketplace.

Profile visits

This simple statistic plots how many visitors have viewed your profile that can be used to gauge how much interest you Twitter feed is generating. The more visits, the more interest and the more opportunity to publicise your services. A high interest is a good indicator that your tweets are being well received and generating interest.


Mentions are in many ways as important as impressions as they indicate that followers or visitors are spreading information about your Twitter feed to other users. A high level of Mentions is a good indicator that you are generating interest in your feed. It shows that your influence is being spread across a wider sphere of Twitter users which is likely to increase traffic and widen interest in your products or services.


The Followers infographics an important key indicator of how your Twitter feed is being received as it gauges how many people have visited your profile and have an interest in what you are publishing. They will see updates as regularly as you post them, so make up a vital part of any marketing strategy.

The simple analytics shown above will give you a good indicator to how your Tweets are being perceived, and allow you to tailor future posts based on the data that they provide. Twitter also offer paid options with more detailed analytics and more powerful options.

How do you track your social media offerings? Please leave your comments below…


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