6 Ways to Grow Your YouTube Subscribers

White camcorder iconAs with any social media platform, you’re unlikely to get results from YouTube by uploading content and letting it sit there. You need to build an audience to get views on your content, get wider exposure for your brand and grow your authority on the network.
On YouTube, your fans can choose to subscribe to your account in order to see updates about your channel in their feed and follow as you upload new content. The larger your amount of subscriptions then the better the chance of your videos getting watched, engaged with and shared.
Here are 6 ways you can amplify your list of subscribers to power-up your credibility on YouTube…

1.       Ask for Subscribers

One of the easiest ways to build your subscriptions is to ask viewers to subscribe within your videos. Include a call to action directing viewers to click the ‘subscribe’ button, always following these three steps:

  • Tell your audience what to do
  • Tell them how to do it
  • Tell them why to do it

For example, your narrator or the text in your video could state something like the following:
‘To stay up to date with my latest tips about YouTube marketing, subscribe to my channel by clicking the button below this video.”

2.       Use Annotations

youtube annotations
Annotations are those sticky-note style boxes, speech bubbles or links you’ll often see popping up in YouTube videos. These are added after the video has been uploaded and can include links to other videos, websites, playlists and to a direct subscribe page.
Placing a few annotations strategically throughout your video could make a great difference to the following you receive. You can use these annotations to ask people to subscribe in one of two ways:

  • Add a speech bubble including a Call to Action which asks your audience to click below your video to subscribe.
  • Add an annotation that includes a direct link to your channel’s subscribe page.

3.       Use YouTube Widgets

If you have a loyal following on your blog then YouTube widgets are a great way to encourage their support of your channel. A YouTube widget is simply a button link which takes your viewers directly to your channel’s subscribe page. Use it next to your embedded videos to provide a direct link for your audience.

4.       Get Featured

Another way to gain more subscribers is to work in partnership with other content-creators. If you find channels that have a large amount of subscribers and feature great content that is similar to yours, you can recommend these channels in your ‘Featured Channels’ section.
In return, these channels may add you to their ‘Featured Channels’ section. This means your channel will get more exposure in front of their audience for a good chance of new viewers and new subscribers heading your way.
Don’t be afraid to ask to be featured but do be prepared to reciprocate.

Network is working via gossip and referral (3D)

5.       Interact

Remember that YouTube is a social network and treat it like one. Your channel isn’t just a platform to host your videos but your base for growing a community.
To get more exposure and encourage people to take note of your content, give out as much value as you can. This means recognising the efforts of other channels, leaving comments, liking videos and subscribing. Take a real, genuine interest and you’ll find your interactions will be reciprocated. It’s simple – give to receive.

6.       Share Your Goals canstockphoto3307945

Reach out to your other social media platforms to encourage people to subscribe and include a goal to push the effectiveness of your call to actions even further.
This tactic is known as creating a payoff. Follow these steps to put it into action:

  • Create a goal for the number of subscribers you want to reach. E.g. 500
  • Set a time limit for when you want to reach this goal. E.g. within a month.
  • Give a benefit/state what you will offer if you reach this number, e.g. a giveway
  • Share your goal across social media

This is a great way to encourage your following from elsewhere on the internet to extend their support to your YouTube channel. Plus, you can have as much fun as you like with what you’ll promise to do after your reach your goal – make it fun, unique and interesting and you’ll get some powerful results.
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