Twitter Engagement: 8 Ways to Step it Up

Twitter is the second most popular social networking platform with over 230 million active users and 5,000 tweets going out every second. The network is a hub for news, information, images, videos and most importantly, engagement.
Yet, for many businesses on Twitter, the ‘engagement’ part of the equation is the most difficult. Users will respond to posts from friends naturally, as and when they wish but it takes that something extra for audiences to reach out to a brand.
Although there is no guarantee that your followers will want to interact, there are some pretty effective methods that can help you gain their attention and encourage them to respond to your posts. Here are 6 ways your business can enhance its Twitter strategy and drive for more communication on the channel:
1.    Give to your Audience
Posting a stream of content about what you do, what you sell and how you are simply the ‘most amazing’ business in the industry is no way to survive in the Twitter environment. If there’s one golden rule about social media marketing it is to share value. Put out content that interesting and matters to your audience or you’ll be struck off as just another company that only cares about the pockets of their customers.
2.    Vary Your Content
Just because Twitter is a micro-blogging platform with a restriction of 140 characters, doesn’t mean that everything revolves around short chunks of text. Instead of a continuous feed of words, give your audience something to click by posting images, infographics, videos and links to interesting content. Again, remember the golden rule of valuable content.
3.    Ask Questions
Of course, some text content is interesting and a great way to make your tweets go further is to include a question. Simple questions with short or one-word answers work best as they require little thought and effort from the audience. Plus, consider carefully the questions that your audience will want to answer. Encourage people to share their opinions or create a competition.
4.    Showcase Your Brand’s Personality
As Twitter is a social network, it’s important to actually be ‘social’. An update that reads, ‘Designer Coat – Buy now for £90’ is just another piece of cold sales copy that will most likely be quickly ignored by audience’s scrolling down their feed. Avoid over-advertising on the network and instead adopt a consistent personality, be friendly and use a little humour. This way, your brand will appear more personable and more approachable.
5.    Stay on top of News and Trends
If there’s something major happening in the world that your audience would find interesting or if there’s a new trend that affects your business sector then talk about it, get involved with discussions and get on the hashtag bandwagon. Not only will this show that your business has an active presence on the network but can also help you gain engagement from a hot topic that people are talking about ‘right now’.   
6. Use Hashtags
Studies have shown that tweets which contain hashtags experience twice as much engagement as those which don’t. Use hashtags that are trending, popular hashtags and hashtags that are relevant to your business topics. Yet, don’t bombard all of your posts with hashtags and never use more than two per tweet. Hashtags will help you show up in searches to reach a wider audience and improve your chances of Twitter engagement.
7.    Reach Out
Don’t just expect users to engage with you. Get out there and start discussions with users in your feed or with users across the whole of Twitter. Any conversation counts, whether it’s completely irrelevant to your business or completely on topic. The more you interact with users, the more you can showcase your brand personality, push brand awareness and gain a wider reach on the network.
8.    Ask for Retweets
Having your audience retweet your posts will broaden the reach of your content and therefore increase your chances of a response. Plus, if users can see that their friend has found your content valuable enough to retweet then they are more likely to take a look and consider its value for themselves.
Check out this infographic for 20 Amazing Twitter Stats from 2013.
Or, if you have another tip for Twitter engagement, leave us a comment below – we’re always happy to hear your thoughts.


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