5 Ways to Step Up Your Twitter Engagement

Twitter Bird SMOThe value of Twitter extends beyond its millions of users – it is about the way in which these users engage with your brand. Unless you engage with its users, you are wasting precious time and effort. Here are five techniques that will help you to generate better engagement.

1. Keep your tweets short and sweet

Twitter’s 140-character restriction may seem too short, but research reveals that shorter tweets with 80 to 110 characters are more engaging, achieving a 17% higher engagement rate than longer tweets. To keep your tweets short and sweet, use hashtags within your tweets and shorten URLs using an URL-shortening service such as Bitly or Ow.ly. When you leave room in your tweets, you will make it easier for others to retweet and add their own text.

2. Tailor the timing of your tweets

If you want engagement, schedule your tweets for the weekend. According to research, engagement is 17% higher on the weekends than it is on weekdays. The Twittersphere is most active between 8am and 7pm in your audience’s time zone, with retweets peaking at around 5pm, when users are on their evening commute. When optimising for clicks rather than retweets, research shows that between 1pm and 3pm is the best time to tweet, so shorten those URLs and schedule your tweets accordingly.

3. Share images

Research shows that you can achieve a 150% increase in retweets simply by including images in your tweets. Sharing images helps you to get more attention from your followers because images as easier to take in than text. Whether you choose to share banners, infographics, memes, photos or a mixture of all four, your images must generate interest. To get even more engagement for your effort, head up your profile image with the face of your brand to help your followers relate to your tweets on a personal level.

4. Tweet twice a day, every day

There is a mistaken belief that the more you tweet, the better your return on investment will be. However, research reveals that sending too many tweets can result in poor engagement. To boost your engagement, tweet twice a day, every day. While you should actively respond to direct messages and tweets containing the @ symbol, you should not aim to churn out tweets all day long.

5. Ask for feedback

Raising considered questions that solicit specific responses can be highly beneficial in your quest to boost engagement. Ask questions such as “We’re revamping our menu. What’s the one dish you’d most like to see?” or “What do you want to see more of on our website?”. Feedback across Twitter and other social media channels can be useful in helping you to develop new products fuelled by consumer demand, and later supporting your sales funnel.

To Wrap Up…

Even if you have been using Twitter since its creation, you may be missing out on key engagement opportunities. By implementing these actionable tips, you will be able to step up your interaction and create a compelling presence that will interest your audience and keep them coming back for more.

How do you keep your Twitter engagement thriving? Please leave your comments below…


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