5 Ways to Find Trending Topics

canstockphoto20449239Coming up with blog topic ideas can be the bane of any content marketer or copywriter’s existence. Coupled with the need to keep the subjects you write about up to date and relevant for your readers, you may feel that you’re repeating the same subjects all the time. The top proven to drive traffic to your site and engage audience is to cover ‘hot topics’ – up-to-date topics that are trending on the internet.
In this post we discuss the best resources available for discovering new trending topics to fill up your content marketing.

1. Twitter

The concept of ‘trending’ started with Twitter. By using hashtags in the same way as a search engine, users are able to interact with each other and share ideas. Through clever algorithms, the social platform identifies lists of trending twittersubjects that are being talked about around the world and by changing your settings you are given the opportunity to tailor them to your geographical region or specific interests.
The advantages of using Twitter as a starting point for your content inspiration is that, unlike some other resources, all trending topics are generated in real-time. With the speed in which the media moves, finding news stories and viral videos relevant to what your business is never far away.

2. Facebook

Similar to Twitter, Facebook also launched a ‘trending’ section in 2014 which produces personalised lists of the most mentioned words and phrases and a short description of why it’s trending. Great for encouraging public trendingsharing and driving return visits, ‘trending’ follows the same structure as its rival with topics chosen depending on your geographical location and any ‘likes’ that you may have expressed on Facebook.
Look to use Facebook for gaining knowledge of larger nationwide news. For each user, 10 trending topics are generated each with their own brief description. By clicking these you are shown loads of articles on the subject that have been shared by different Facebook profiles so the research is non-existent.

3. Google Trends

One of the industry’s worst kept secrets, Google Trends has been exhibiting the most search topics both nationwide and worldwide. Alongside the most searched news Trending Googlestories, you’re given an insight into the popular podcasts, Youtube videos and recipes making it perfect for any type of business.
Unlike social media ‘trending’ options, Google Trends enables users to search specific topics and find out whether they’re popular in your region as well as any related searches that might be taking place. The visuals and later forecast options go hand in hand with SEO and allow you to really tailor your content marketing to your audience.

4. Buzzfeed

Known for its cutesy, hipster-esque depiction of modern life, Buzzfeed is one of the most popular news platforms in the world. Covering everything from the canstockphoto9074753Ebola crisis to the newest TV series available on Netflix, it mixes traditional journalism with quizzes and topical GIFS.
Use Buzzfeed as a source for pop culture news – they’re famed for knowing what their readers will want to read about. One thing that makes them different is their ‘community’ section which allows the public to add their own content and spark their own discussions. Keeping an eye on what’s hot’ in these community posts are perfect if you’re looking to target younger people.

5. Reddit

Hailed as the ‘Front Page of the Internet’, Reddit has a reputation for learning how individuals will react canstockphoto8041912to things before they become big. Famed for bringing small businesses, films and even musicians the exposure required to become a hit, Reddit has a dedicated fan base that spans every continent and has gained popularity by celebrities as a way to connect one-on-one with their fans.
Reddit is a platform where worldwide news stories, interesting tid-bits and jokes are aggregated and then ranked by its users. Perfect for memes and quirky, relevant images, Reddit is brilliant for learning about videos and news stories anything up to a week before they become viral.

To Wrap Up…

Use different resources to find the subjects you write about. Content marketing should be an exciting and original outlet to promote your business so try not to be homogeneous in your choice of topic. Although news stories tend to do better for website traffic and sharability, interspersing them with other interesting content that appropriately fits into the promotion of your product or service or the industry that you’re a part of will drastically improve the quality of what you produce.

Do you use trending topics to aid your content marketing? Please leave your comments below…


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