5 Christmas Social Media Tips for B2C Retailers

The holidays are coming and you might have all your Christmas presents sorted and your cupboards stocked, but is your retail business set up to thrive during the season?

This is the busiest time of the year for gift-hunters, party-throwers and party-goers alike who are searching for everything from toothbrushes to sheds, dresses, bikes, turkeys and tyres. Whatever you’re selling to the consumer market, you’re likely to experience a lift in sales, but why settle for the customers that come to you when you can reach out and attract even more?

Right now is the prime time to push for a wider reach, better audience engagement and more conversions through your social media channels. Here are 5 ways you can get Christmassy with your business’ online presence and step-up this season’s sales.

5 Christmas Social Media Tips:

1.        Promotions

Promotions are first on the list because they should be the first on your list. They are one of the most effective ways to grab the attention of your audience, to encourage them to browse and to persuade them to purchase. Christmas is expensive but no matter how much they’ve spent, consumers still love a bargain. Post offers and exclusive promotional codes during the run up to Christmas, exclusively to your social media channels. The posts will be welcomed by your audience and will make them feel valued and rewarded while you can reap the benefits of a boost in sales.
2.       Get Festive with your Profiles
Integrate a little Christmas sparkle into your social media profiles. Christmas-ify your banners on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and consider a seasonal addition to your logo such as some holly or a Santa hat. You can also use banners to advertise promotions, offers or even your unique hashtags. Just remember, don’t ignore your branding amongst all the festivity – maintain a good balance between both brand and Christmas in your designs, to maintain a consistent image on the your channels.
3.       Use More Hashtags
Join the list of retailers who have created their own unique hashtag to promote their Christmas campaign or seasonal offers. Generate a wider reach and more engagement with your hashtag by requesting retweets and shares and by including it as a key component in competitions. And, remember to use the hashtag #christmas or related seasonal hashtags in relevant posts. Hashtags will help your posts to show up in Twitter search and can get you in the list for trending categories, awarding you more reach and a better chance of engagement.
4.       Speak Up and Out
This time of the year, everybody has Christmas in common. So, make the most of there being something glaringly obvious to talk about. Reach out to more of your audience, to ask questions and start discussions about a topic that everybody knows and loves. You can drive more engagement in various ways, by creating fun competitions, sharing interesting festive content or simply by reaching out and getting involved with audience posts. Plus, make sure you are at the top of your game when it comes to responding to queries or complaints. Stay professional, spread the cheer and keep the peace, regularly and consistently.
5.       Stay as Active as you Can
Your business might be shutting down for a well-earned break over Christmas but this doesn’t mean your social media channels should follow suit. Make sure you have some updates planned for the periods you’ll be away to ensure that your brand is still appearing in front of your audience over Christmas (who, by the way, will all be excitedly testing out their social media channels on their new mobiles, tablets and computers). Schedule updates in advance or hire a social media management agency. Plus, if there are days when you aren’t able to interact and respond to engagement, let your audience know in advance and divert them elsewhere or suggest when you can help.  E.g. ‘the ‘business name’ Facebook is shutting down for Christmas – have a truly magical day and we’ll be back in touch on the 27th December’.
Have some more Christmassy social media tips to add? Get in touch by leaving us a comment below. Or, check out our 5 Tips to get Seasonal with Email Marketing.


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